Do I Wanna Adona?

Has anyone tried the Adona Isolation Platform that recently turned up in the classified? It bonds granite on top to MDF on bottom, claiming the best of all worlds.
I recently purchased the Nemesis amp stand and two platform shelves. I am using the platform shelves on a VTI rack and decoupling them from the frame with sorbothane. First of all let me say this, the service at Adona is excellent. The first Nemesis arrived damaged and the situation was immediately resolved by Paul Lemanski. No questions and no hassles, a new amp stand was sent to me.

Secondly, I too was intrigued by the design. Now that I have the shelves installed I can say that the company backs up it's claim. The platform shelves (which are used on many of the Adona stands) sound very good and are a big improvement over the MDF shelves I was using. The biggest difference I noticed was in the highs and mid-range, although the bass seemed to be a little tighter as well, but not as noticeable a difference.

Now let me say this about the amp stand. I think it is a good product, especially for the cost. However, I would use it with a solid state amp versus a tube amp. I have a Cary v12i and compared the sound of the Nemesis versus a maple amp stand I have and I preferred the maple stand (Ultrasonic, also here on Audiogon). It just seemed a bit warmer and more suited to the tubes. This is just my personal preference. If you can afford to experiment try out the products and take Paul up on his money back offer if you're not satisfied.