Do my Dynaudio Evidence Temptations require more amp?

I have the Mcintosh 452 and was wondering if my speakers could be better served. Thanks in advance.
Hi Michael, as you said in your PM to me.
"I own the Dynaudio Evidence Temptations and use a McIntosh 452 amp. They sound good but I’m guessing sonething like the JC 1s that you like might be better. What is your opinion on the Mc I use? I really don’t know about phase angle etc. Any opinion would be appreciated. Thanks"
As for your great speakers, these are perhaps one of the Dynaudio’s that don’t "maybe" need such a bulldog of an amp to get them going.

As you can see they have a min of 3ohms at 120hz but the -phase angle is not too bad at -20’. Then they have a large -phase angle -45’ at 65-80hz but the impedance there is 4ohms.
So the McIntosh 452 should be ok on the 4ohm tap.

If you want the very best out of the bass between 60hz to say 120hz then the Parasound JC1’s should be even better, and better again the upgraded JC1+ that was just released, has even more of what made the JC1 so good.
And use both models with the higher 25w Class-A bias switch on, soooooo sweet.

Cheers George
Thanks George! I was confirming what I suspected you might say. The McIntosh 452 sounds pretty darn good but I’m always looking for possible upgrade steps. I used to own the JC1s and liked them but my speakers at the time didn’t require that kind of juice so I move on. I probably should have kept them as they are great amps for any speaker. As for the JC1+, maybe on the used market when the price comes down. Lol
Your Mac is 450wpc. What do you expect to be better with the Parasound?  It would be a cold day in hell before I gave up any of my McIntosh for a Parasound.  I had a Parasound Halo Integrated and compared to the McIntosh integrated I replaced it with, sounded like a cheap transistor radio.  I would keep what you have if it were I. 
I’m not planning any changes. The JC1s are a different beast than the integrated though. 
If by "more amp" you mean more power or an amp that is more capable of handling the particular load your speakers present, my answer is probably not.  I am not familiar with your particular Dynaudio speaker, but, it would be ridiculous for a speaker to demand more power than the Mac delivers, and any speaker that is too difficult a load that that kind of amp would be a horribly defective product.

Now whether or not the Mac sounds good enough with your particular speaker, or any other given speaker, is a different issue.  I only heard the 452 with one particular speaker, which is a high efficiency/easyload speaker, and I personally did not like the sound--it sounded lifeless and un-engaging.  That is my general impression with most high-powered solid state amps, but, I thought it was particularly the case with the 452 with this speaker. 
bubba12....i recommend a plinius amp for that speakers.   From my experiences with most dynaudio drivers they are current hungry ( the more damping factors the better).   Mac imho doesn’t have the current factors to drive dynaudio drivers.  Happy Listening! 
The McIntosh definitely sounds good. I just wondered aloud if maybe I would upgrade at some point. I’ll probably stay right where I am right now.
What they need is a very good DHT preamp to open up the soundstage and give them some  life and vibrancy and musical involvement.Something like a Supratek Cabernet 300B which I have heard transform similarly introverted speakers into something really engrossing.
We have the same speakers evidence temptation, may i ask what speaker cables are you using with these? I use cardas cross and sometimes switch to QED silver spiral.  But i still am looking for a better match, btw my amps are vintage jeff rowland model 9 connected to jadis jps2. I think something like a mcintosh mc601 will be perfect or better yet mc1.2kw.
happy listening
gryphon ,pass labs,asr emitter 2 exlusive and many more amps which can make your speakers sing:)
The old Dynaudio speakers like high current and huge power. And such amps are extremely expensive.... I'm now using a pair of JC1s because I can't find better amps at this price to drive the Temptations. 
I think Viola, Soulution, Vitus are all good choices if you have more budget.
No tubes pls.
I picked up a pair of JC 1s and a JC 2BP preamp. So far I would say it provides a touch more detail than the MC452. It's not night and day but i feel it digs a little more from the speakers.
I know it’s late, but I’ll weigh in anyway...

I drive my Temptations with a pair of Mac MC501s (500w each) and use a Mac C200 dual chassis pre. The Temps sound fantastic at any volume level, but in particular at low levels where a lot of speakers fall down. This combo has a huge volume range ‘sweet spot’. 
I’m also using a pair of Dynaudio subs to fill in the very lowest end, even though the Temps go pretty far down.