Does such a beast exist?

I'm looking for a half width or smaller pre amp with one input and two outputs. One of the outputs must be balanced (XLR). Active or passive, solid state or tube, does such a pre amp exist?
Some of the older Bent Audio transformer volume controls were setup that way.

Luminous Audio-Axiom preamp. Contact Tim at Luminous he can probably make one for you with two outputs.
Nuforce P-8 preamp is 1.75"H x 8.5"W x 16" deep, includes 1 set of single-ended and one set of balanced outputs, and retails for $1095. You can see the P-8 at in the products section.
You can ask Jeff to adapt output for you from his quite excellent PLC passive Sonic Euphoria.

Hope this helps
I would say if anyone makes one Cyrus does. Unfortunately they're quite rare on 'gon, though a bit more common on ebay.

Cyrus makes some really nice stuff, that's somewhat underrated.
The nuforce sounds interesting. For about $200 more you can get the 50WPC integrated, It has no balanced outputs, but being an integrated, I could get rid of my monoblocks and simplify my rig. I don't really want to part with my amps, though. Luminous Audio sounds like a good idea. I think I'll email Tim and see what he has to say. I also noticed that Goldpoint Audio makes a small passive pre with two balanced outs. I could use an adapter to convert one to SE to drive my sub.

Thanks for all the replies,
Electra-Print, Space Tech Labs, Goldpoint, and Welborne Labs are some other options. All are passive designs and can be customized to meet your needs. Well within your budget too.
I second the Nuforce P8. This is a raging steal with no teething problems one might associate with a new product from a new firm. Incredible value.
Prpixel, I have the p8 and it has R L pre out. I use that for my two jm labs subs. It also has a home theater pass through on input 3. This works perfectly for my setup. I have an Arcam AV8 pre/pro that is a good 2 channel performer but the p8 is leagues above.