Don't Think I'll Buy This...

I'm in the market for a 2nd amp and 2nd pair of speakers. Check my feedback, I'm a legitimate buyer and will make a reasonable deal. I've had these experiences which seem odd for someone wanting to sell:

1) "I'll post photos in a few days". Usually they never show up. I bet ads with photos get stuff sold lots quicker than without.

2) "it's still avail, 2nd owner, you want it or not, don't have box, i got other people" I don't rate proper punctuation, grammar, etc.? They think such a dismissive attitude makes me want to work with them?

3) "Good condition amp." This sometimes is the only body of ad and often doesn't contain the "new" price. Why make your prospective buyer do bunches of legwork to find out things like power output, etc. I, like most people, want more...some meat. Try to talk me into it; it's worked before by grabbing my interest. We all love to read about audio so give us something to pour over a bit.

4) "If you're reading this ad you already know what this is." Hmmm, not really. I've bought items that I originally knew nothing about but was drawn in by an ad. Am considering such a speaker right now. However, I got a gruff response to an inquiry and immediately wrote the guy off. I certainly can wait until another pops up.

I've dealt with non-English speaking sellers and buyers who were actively involved and made the deal a pleasure, so I think these kinds of attitudes are just personality types but, boy, I sure don't think I'll buy anything from them.
Nothing worse than an ad that assumes the reader already knows everything about the item for sale. I've seen way too many ads with no specs provided. If it's an amp, how about at least listing the wattage!

The other day I came across an ad that didn't even list what the item was - just a model number. I wrote the seller to let him know, and he didn't even realize that some people wouldn't recognize the item by just it's model number.
I agree. I try to include all pertinent info in my ads including several GOOD pics. I simply don't respond to unintelligent ads...same as I don't respond to postings that say something like 'Help needed'. About what? Now I need to spend the time to open and read the note just to see if I'm interested in the subject. I think people looking for help would make it as easy as practicable for someone to help.

Oh well...
As for #1, I can see not getting to something, we all are busy.

#2 Let them sell to 'the other peole' Most, if not all of the people I have had the pleasure to deal with on tis site have been GREAT! I personally speak to most of the folks selling/buying higher end gear, and have yet to have any issues... except one guy who sold me two left IC's, then disappeared... at least they work..

#3 I must agree, I usually know what I am looking for, so how the ad is written has little effect on me

#4 See #3
I tend to like poorly written ads. They discourage many buyers and allow those that are willing to do some leg work to get the occasional great deal. This is particularly true on ebay.

Most experienced sellers here write reasonable ads though some can get a bit wordy like a copy/paste of an entire review rather than just a link to it.
you've just described most of the dealer ads on this site,its the old school sales mentality,get them on the phone then sell.

as soon as i click into an ad & i dont see a pic i instantly click back out of it without reading anything & i bypass all the EMIL4U & CALL4PRICE ads too.

im glad guys dont take pics of their gear it makes it easier for those of us with cameras to sell our gear.

If the seller lists the NEW price do you believe them ?

If the seller describes the amp do you believe them ?

Between accidental mistakes and deliberate puffery I'd rather do my own legwork and know what I'm getting.

I agree about the photos, though.
I have to admit that when I see something from someone that looks disorgainzed or without much thought, I wonder if the product has been treated the same way. Once dealt with someone who did not even care to use proper sentence structure, punctuation, etc. and the ICs came reeking of cig. smoke. I had to have them ozoned for a full day and then the wood case still stunk for months.

I think I just like a well written ad with care and concern evident, and enough info so I can get a good start. However, I never did think about how a good deal may be had from a badly written one. Interesting...
glad i actually posted pics of my current classified ad when i said i would, you guys are harsh! i agree though, it usually does help sell the item.

i just recently read a thread (maybe yours bigjoe) about people stealing other peoples images for their own use. when stuff like that happens you wonder why you don't give your local dealer more business.

the lure of the deal....
I always put the word "pics" in my ad heading. Why? Because I enjoy looking at pics from other sellers so I figure others feel likewise. I get a kick when my pictures show up in the "cool pics" section.
On the other hand, I agree qith Entrope as I've picked up some real bargains on items with terrible ads because I was the only bidder (ebay).
Before you get too critical of improper English or poor writing and communication, remember that many contributing members of AGON do not have English as their first language. Lets see, what if we asked everyone to write their adds in French or German or ...
Tomryan, double check your second sentence of your last post, it seems that even your grammar may not be perfect.
Zargon, I can pretty well spot ads written by members who speak English as a second language. And the "ship from" in the ad will usually confirm my observation.

I have no problem, but respect, for someone placing an ad which is not in their native tongue.
Nice thread, Tom!

My favorite ads are, "Component XYZ, 'nuff said!" No, I beg to differ. Please say something more than that.

I will caution that the assertion that one who is sloppy with the writing of their ad will be suspect in the care of the gear as well. While I also get the same feelings in reading an ad, some of the biggest slobs I know write fantastically good ads here - with pictures and all.

However, most suprising is that the cleanest, most careful, fastidious person I know, and truly both the most generous and gentlemanly, writes absolutely dreadfully poor ads. He freely admits he doesn't feel comfortable constructing an ad, or even selling gear. What's more, he is so worried about not giving someone a great deal that he prices and grades the stuff he sells so low that were I not a friend of his who knows his gear well, I'd wonder about the condition of what he was selling. Thank goodness the pictures show the pristine condition of his equipment, but I still think the photos convey everything. Teaches me not to judge the book by the cover...
It seems as if some people here want it handed to them on a silver platter. While an ad should be informative, it's not a sales brochure. If you buy something just because it has a great ad, then P.T. was right. Why stop at pictures, how about streaming video with bikini clad models. Don't confuse form over substance.
Ejlif - Are saying I failed to include the subject? Guess I got a little casual in thought and presumed people would know I was talking about myself.
Zargon - Please see the last paragraph of my intitial post. I'll bet very few of the irritating ads and e-mail responses are from non-English speaking A'goners.

Trelja - What is the user name of your friend? I'll keep an eye out for his stuff.

Bikini clad girls...mmmm.

You know, I think in a lot of cases I just want to have some fun going through the ads. The sloppy or "don't give a damn" ones are not that entertaining. I have, though, bought items while just surfing around and finding an ad that rocks my boat.

Guess it is OK to not include the subject if you say so. Thought it sounded kind of funny myself. Wish you the best of luck in finding well written ads.

Ha, ha. You funny.

Found some good ads. Also found some bad ads. Found some entertaining ads, found some not so entertaining. May take a break for a few days. Don't know yet.