Emotiva Xpa 2 Gen 3 power amp

Would like to hear some feedback and or reviews on this power amp.

Thanks Wayne 
I don't own the amp but their CDP which is built like a tank, sounds great. 
Uses switching power supply.  Good for the money if you want that power.  Good resolution, but somewhat bright in the highs.   Bass is hollow sounding because of switching power supply.  I recommend looking at the Monoprice Monolith amp if you want better bass.
I had a XPA2 gen 2 for stereo in the past. Sold it. Went with Parasound A21 and never looked back. I would consider purchasing them at half the price if used. I’d save money for something better.
A friend of mine here (johnto) was using Emotiva amps in his system. When he went to Magnepan speakers, he found the amps very bright.  He has moved on to Pass Labs amps now. He may chime in if he sees your post.  
From Emotiva to Pass, I bet there was a big change.
We’re talkin’ Morris Minor vs Rolls-Royce. Have to build a fire under those things to get them going..
Take forever to start to sound good, and never quite make it..Their Ok for HT, but really not quality,
your actually better off with a Pass design.. Adcom, Threshold, Pass, First Watt, all better sounding
to me. Parasound, Most class ds, Mac, heck they all sound better come to think of it..LOL 

Sure a lot of them being sold..makes me wonder?

@wayne3720 emotiva will suit you fine.
if your set on them,make the buy.

 I liked my xpa-1 monos, they were good, and the xpa-2 has a lot of great reviews!

 Make sure ur speakers are not efficient, if they are above 90db 1W/1M.  You may experience some sibilance and tweeter hiss.

 I liked my xpa-1 monos on my cerwin vega D-9 pair, loud, clear, nice sound.

 They replaced a Rotel RB-1090 - which was amazing, until the inrush current limiter sent a puff of smoke from the top.

 I went to a sunfire 300 as a loaner from my toasted rb-1090
fell in love.
 Bought the sunfire 600.

 Ended up with another pair.

 Either way u go, emotiva is a good descent starter amplifier!

@arctikdeth - the previous generation XPA models were completely different with full linear power supplies and huge transformers. In my opinion, Emotiva took a drop in sound quality with the Gen 3 models, which are all switching power supplies. It was purely a business decision to lower the shipping weight and design a generic platform where they can build any number of channels with only 3-4 different parts.

The XPA-1 and XPA-2 amps do not suffer the hollow bass problems. They do sound better, but they are still bright sounding (which can be fixed somewhat with fuse upgrades).
My xpa-1 monos are first generation.
 They are nice, but still a bit bright, and have such high gain, tweeters hiss a bit.
Thanks so much guys !! All of your inputs gives me pause to consider a few more amps that are on the market!! Will be checking out the new Adcom line.

Tks Wayne 
There’s a nice McCormack DNA 0.5 with Gold revisions available on Audio Asylum for about the same price that doubles down to 200Wpc at 4Ohms (both channels driven), which is plenty for most speakers, and will make the Emotiva sound like a cheap toy by comparison.  I’d just make sure the input board was changed with the revision as the original board would be at the end of its useful life, and if it has just do it.  You’ll be thrilled, and the amp can be further upgraded by the original designer (SMcAudio) if you ever get the itch.