EverSolo Streamer

I am enjoying the newly released EverSolo Streamer, which I received at the front door a few hours ago.

First, may I recommend Amir at SummitHiFi out of Toronto Canada. Exceptional service experience. I called Amir a few hours ago to check on status. He told me to check at the door and there it was! His site is SummitHifi-USA.com.

Setup was easy. Just follow the prompts on the touchscreen then scan the code and download the app. No remote is included, as one’s phone / iPad becomes the remote. 

Connected to DAC via CParry’s SPDIF Coax BlackCat SilverStar 75.

The app is simplicity itself to navigate. Qobuz accomodated beautifully.

First recording selected; Charles Mingus; Changes: The Complete1970s Atlantic Studios Recordings;Hi-Res 24/96 I believe.

I am not really a Charles Mingus superfan, but I found myself enjoying several tracks.

The thought that comes to mind is, why did I wait so long to get a streamer? No more laptop connected via USB..Yippee! As William Mel Gibson Wallace blurted out as his entrails were torn out on a public torture rack by the wretched Norman English warlords (kidding); Freedom!!

The unit I ordered is the limited Master Edition. Adorned with gold accents, the Chinese marketing announces with great fanfare, ‘Highlight The Dignity!’ Well as I advance in years I felt I could use a way to highlight my dignity : ) The price for this model is $1,299 (if memory serves). I certainly would not pay an extra $450 for some gold accents, but for that modest increase one gets two Femto clocks (regular not Femto), as well as upgraded audio opamps. The sound is stellar. A very marked improvement over my laptop connected via USB.

I plan to wile away this Friday evening enjoying this small yet lovely streamer.


Enjoy yourself! And if you want to visit a fine classical streaming site that, though it doesn't go hi-res, still delivers excellent sound quality, try Idagio. It doesn't hurt that Idagio offers up a truly dazzling array of selections.

Hi Kota1,

I haven’t directly compared this unit to other streamers. I would expect that higher end streamers sound better, but doubtful there would be a very significant improvement. I have not yet tested the internal DAC and will do so tomorrow. The interface is very decent. One shortfall I am experiencing, is that albums are not displaying the hi-res label, which is important. If that is an oversight on the EverSolo design team, they should address it. 

“The thought that comes to mind is, why did I wait so long to get a streamer?”

Maybe you thought they are waste of money and streaming from laptop is just as good as any purpose built streamer…LOL. 

The thought that comes to mind is, why did I wait so long to get a streamer? No more laptop connected via USB..Yippee! 


we, like a football team quarterback, can throw the ball, but the receiver does need to catch it!  😉😂

Hi Lalitk, no I never thought they were a waste of money. I did think that some are a bit overpriced, especially if one has a DAC already. My delay was limited financial options. This streamer is affordable. I have been very tempted by the Blusound Node 2i as well. 

I did get a chance to try the EverSolo’s DMP-A6’s own internal DAC. Its decent, but does not drive the music quite as well as a really good DAC. A-B’ing it against my DAC confirmed to me my preference to continuing with my outboard DAC. The sound is very clean and for the average consumer may provide all the excitement they need. For me, in comparison the sound lacks a bit in dynamic expression, textural detail and that sense of ‘out of the box’ sound filling a room. In comparison it sounds just a bit flat. However it is brand new and not burned in yet, so the sound  of the EverSolo’s own DAC may improve considerably.

As a streamer though, its been very good so far, with a few minor foibles (as to be expected). I was further encouraged last night, when the streamer received the first update to address bug fixes. These guys are serious about this product.

My Dad just picked up one of these.    My streaming started with  a Bluesound Vault 2i which I still consider to be the Benchmark for reasonably priced streamers

I picked up an Aurender N200 and that is in a different league .  That said , the Eversolo is a solid bargain in my opinion.  I set it up the other night and it was super easy

Last night I picked up an Asus DVD drive and it recognized it immediately.  Ripped CDs and can even just play a CD if you wanted.  

It found other music on the network easily.   

I connected it's HDMI audio out and it drove a 30' HDMI no problem.   It will be connected via USB to his Mac integrated amp's DAC  

There is a lot to like for the money. 

Thanks Oddiofyl. Great comment! How do you feel the EverSolo DMP-A6 stacks up against the Aurender N200 for sound quality? 

After listening to this unit for several days now, I can say with confidence that it is MUCH better than the audio quality for a laptop. Folks such as Lalitk have been saying this for a long time. I have been somewhat reserved about considering Streaming quite as good as the CD player. With this streamer, that difference has evaporated. Next up, if finances permit, a network switch from ENO or one of the new gen Uptone Audio Etheregen units.

i just got my eversolo as well, just starting to listen

startup was a breeze, roon saw it right away, top notch packaging and intuitive interface

listening at max volume from xlr analog outs, initial reaction is yup it has that quite recognizeable mid tier native ess sabre sound -- clean crisp clear dynamic spacious somewhat upfront sound, but no obvious grain, harshness or digititis, very black background -- roon readiness and output op amps seem well implemented, pretty good so far!


I am interested in this but only as a streamer. Has anyone compared it to other streamers, like the Lumin U1/U2 mini or the Holo Red?

Thanks Lanx, I have seen those two, I may go with the Pulse Mini and get the external linear PSU too which supposedly elevates it to a different level.

I connected the A6 to my Dad's McIntosh MA8950 via USB to the amp's internal DAC.   Sounded best when the A6 passed the native format to the Mac.   I set output to native and turned the Eversolo upsampling engine off.   In his set up this provided the most clear and detailed sound.    

I can't really comment on the A6 versus my N200.  It 's not apples to apples. One does streaming only and the other is a Streamer / DAC. 

 I love the N200 , it is in a different league altogether.    Build quality on Aurender products is exceptional,  the Eversolo is very good.   It is definitely a great value. 

Eversolo support seems to be OK so far.  They released firmware last week.   

Aurender is unmatched  in my experience.   They just did an update and launched a new version of V Radio which is excellent.    This is what I expect / demand  from a streamer that price. 

The A6 can rip CDs with a $35 drive.  Major bonus.   It can also accept a dig input and be a DAC.    It does a good job with album art.   Sounds great when fitted with a SSD.   FlAC files sound excellent.  There is a lot to like 

I have to get behind my Dad's system later this week and will make it a point to connect the A6 in the analog domain to get a better sense of its sound via RCA out. 


If the question is, would I buy one ?    Yes.  When my Vault dies thats what I will most likely do

Also if you plan to get an Opticsl Drive and it uses up two USB ports on the A6 you can get a USB A to A EXTENSION cable , plug the extension into a 5v AC phone charger and plug the other lead into the A6. This will free up the other USB port to connect to a DAC like I did or a computer.

The A6 actually ripped a DVD music video and picked the right cover art. It is pretty amazing for the money what it can do. There are a few things that I don’t like, it can not output Analog Audio and a Digital output simultaneously, can not output multiple like formats simultaneously. Can only output RCA or XLR simultaneously. May be a deal breaker for some.

Nice that it can output audio to an AVR via HDMI.   You can search from front panel, you'll need glasses if my age ....but its fully featured from the front panel. 

Lot of other things it can do that I'm forgetting I'm sure.  

Great insight oddiofyi. I would expect the Aurender N200 to be that bit more capable at the $6300 price tag, which is more than 7x the price of the EverSolo DMP-A6.

I did try the full decoder / renderer MQA on Tidal for some tracks. I used the internal DAC on the EverSolo. Sound was good. Listening to the same on Qobuz on EverSolo feeding my outboard DAC which does not do MQA, I still much preferred the sound of the latter, despite no MQA.

As a streamer though, the EverSolo is marvelous. As the source, feeding my DAC then into the Devialet Expert Pro 220, the sound is far better than my laptop. It is also beautifully built and very functionally well equipped for a top tier audio system. At $850, this unit could ‘steal’ the market in general. Many ordinary ‘cloth-ear muggles’ (non-audiophile folk) simply can’t afford or see no purpose in uber pricey streamers such as Aurender N200.  Audio ‘wizarding’ folk look at things differently. Our golden-ear concept of value is more developed, so small changes are magnified and worth 7x more ; ).

The A6 is well worth the price, absolutely,  no doubt . Nice machine 

 The Aurender ?   Yes , it also was worth the price.   That's because I traded a piece I no longer needed plus $800 cash.... for a new in the box unit.

 I probably would never have just spent MSRP on something like that.  .  I got a good deal and looking back I would have been foolish to pass on it.   It is substantially better than the Vault it replaced.  

Yes, it is relative to what one can afford. Congrats on the Aurender too. No doubt it’s excellent. The EverSolo DMP-A6 performs exceedingly well for its price and to be honest I believe it will be the sort of streamer most people will ever need. The Aurender is beyond many folks means. I would suggest that with the advent of value / performance products like the EverSolo DMP-A6, the Aurender N200 becomes more of a niche product for the ‘audio connoisseur’. Given such worthy competition at much more affordable price, a company like Aurender might be well served to think about a more affordable product in their line.