Excellent SACD quality "A Love Supreme" Coltrane

I'm on a mission, I'm looking for a high quality download of John Coltrane's " a Love Supreme" album. I have the '86 MCA/Impulse reissue and it's painful to listen to on a good system. I love this album, it transformed me into loving jazz and I haven't looked back but I rarely play this album due to it being so fatiguing.

Does anyone know if there has recently been a much improved high quality version?

Sadly I don't use vinyl but hoping I can find a downloadable SACD-audio quality music file of this album. I've looked everywhere and any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
Have you looked on HD tracks (they offer some Hi Rez downloads)..........Obviously you know you can't download SACD ....... Have you looked for the hybrid disc ...... Just some thoughts ..
There is or was an SACD release on Impulse. There is also a "deluxe" 2-cd version on Impulse that has the original release, an outtake with Pharoh Sanders and a live performance poorly recorded in France. Both of these releases I believe are way past 1986

I own the Love Supreme on SACD.

I will loan it to you to rip, IF you cannot find it on a hi-rez download. I do NOT want to sell it.

It will be a hassle as it will require postage both ways and a some kind of insurance fee so you don't forget to return it or a small child I can keep as hostage (well, you get the idea).

If you have to have it and cannot find it, I can help.

Cheers, Steelhead
Here you go http://www.elusivedisc.com/searchprods.asp?searchstring=%22coltrane%22&pagenumber=2&sort_on=&sort_by=
Thanks for the excellent responses, I already looked into HDtracks and they don't have it for download just 180gr & SACD. I did find on Hi-Res Music website that they did a SACD re-master of John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme but they are not selling it now nor is there a download. I'm happy to pay for it.

Stealhead, Thank you for the gracious offer and wish I could take you up on it but currently I don't a SACD just a MacMini connected via a outboard DAC to my Ayre/Totems.

I do have another question is there a remaster or release that excels over the others that I should be looking for?

Again, thanks for the help.
I believe APO has a SACD hybrid in the works. Go to the Acoustic Sounds website.

The 2003 Impulse version (B0000610-02) is vastly superior to the '86 version you own. According to the liner notes, this version was mastered by Rudy Van Gelder, from a copy different than "all previous digital incarnations of A Love Supreme." Also from the liner notes: "...Rudy Van Gelder declared it to be as close to the real thing as one could get in the analog domain without having the original tape..."

I haven't heard any subsequent releases (SACD or otherwise) because I'm happy enough with this version.
Thanks Nico,

I'll check it out.

I'm starting to realize that it's quite difficult to get SACD quality/cd's onto your hardrive.