Faulty hearing.

My left ear drum was damaged  in a rapid decompression incident while in the Air Force in 64.  For reasons unknown to me, it just got very bad recently.  It's worse than bad hearing in both ears.  

I did all kinds of trouble shooting trying to find out what was wrong with my left channel before I discovered it was my left ear.  Now I want some new equipment, but I'm not buying any thing until my hearing problem is corrected.

My question to you is, have you, or  anyone that you have known, had hearing problems corrected?

orpheus10, it all depends. If the damage is neurological it is permanent. However, if the damage is mechanical it might be fixed. With a decompression injury the ear drum is blown outward taking the malleus with it possible tearing the ear drum and dislocating the ossicles. This can be determined with a 256 tuning fork. Is the hearing loss conductive or sensory? If conductive you need to fine an ENT surgeon who specilaizes in ear reconstruction. Good luck!! 

I've often noticed I hear the center image slightly left of center. Never had my hearing tested, but wouldn't be surprised of an inbalance of my ears.

I've worn hearing aids for about 15 years or so; currently I use in-ear ones so I can listen on headphones, too. It is absolutely true that hearing aids cannot bring back hearing you've permanently lost; they alter the 'curve' so it seems like more highs than are actually there. 

Funny my girlfriend son said he needs hearing aids and he's 33....he always has earphones or head phones on...hmmmmm.i wonder why he needs hearing aids now....

I had the hearing tests done, and I hear half as good in my left ear.  I forgot the precise results, but I'll get them and get back to you. 

I trust you more than people in the hearing aid business.

I spent an awful lot of money seeing specialists about back problems when nothing could be done, but doctors kept sending me to other doctors; I'll never repeat that again.
"...russ69, you seem to know more about this than any one. Is it possible to get perfect hearing with hearing aids?..."

Maybe I should not post this but I have completely lost my hearing in one ear. I have recently had cochlear implant surgery. The sound of the implant is poor, like a cheap transistor radio with a busted speaker. On the other hand I did get a BAHA (Bone Anchored Hearing Aid) demo and I thought that sounded very good. The BAHA uses your good ear so you would still have single sided hearing. I have never had traditional hearing aids because one ear is non-working and the other ear is quite good. 
You should see an ENT and see where you are and go from there but from what I'm told (and I asked many doctors) there is no replacing the hearing you once had.  

Thanks to everyone for responding, and I apologize for my late response.

russ69577, you seem to know more about this than any one. Is it possible to get perfect hearing with hearing aids?
Yes go to an ENT but in most cases all they will offer are hearing aids. The measurements they take will identify what part of the ear isn't working and an MRI will show any unusual issues if needed. But I guess about 99% of the time it's age related hearing loss.   
I'm blessed with excellent hearing, especially for my age. There are those who post here on A'gon who can relate to your question though. You can find them on any of the after-market fuse threads. They are known as "The Naysayers." :-)