first US review 432 evo music server

We finally got our first US review.

It is nice to know that others can also verify how good these servers sound


432 EVO High End Reference Music Server - Positive Feedback (


Concluding Remarks

The 432 EVO High End Music Server is a remarkable player, making good on its promise to deliver a warmer, more pleasant listening experience via its 432 Hz tuning. It definitely takes the edge off digital files and, if you’re jonesing for vinyl playback but don’t have the bucks or inclination to purchase a good one (or a decent cartridge and phono stage preamplifier, for that matter), this might be the way to go; you get the convenience of digital with a lion’s share of vinyl’s warmth. Moreover, if you prefer your downloads, ripped files and streaming served straight up, you can do that, as well; with a click of a setting, you can listen in 440 Hz. But, wait, there’s more! You can also rip CDs via its built-in ripper. There’s also the upsampling options, but that does not appeal to me, so I didn’t bother and, hence, cannot comment on that.

Either way, the 432 EVO High End Music Server is a great value; teamed-up with the likes of the Schiit Audio Yggdrasil OG DAC, Pass Labs amplification, Straight Wire cabling, Usher Audio Mini Dancer 2 tower speakers, and a good acoustical space, it delivers a musical experience that entreats you to listen to just one more song, again and again! Bottom line, it gets my thumbs up.


Thanks juan for the great review!


Dave and troy

Audio intellect NJ

Us importers 432Evo music servers


Congrats on the nice review, Dave. 

It's nice that the 432 can act as a roon core as well as a server. I recently upgraded my CD player/DAC and found that the sound quality of Qobuz through a roon Nucleus no longer measured up to my CDs.  So I'm looking for a better roon core/streamer.  I may be in touch soon.

thanks for the kind words, Tom


we are also Roon dealers, and the Aeon sounds far superior when playing via USB


Dave And Troy 

Audio intellect NJ

US importers 432Evo

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"You get the convenience of digital with a lion’s share of vinyl’s warmth." LOL! The same old cr*p that digital sounds "cold" and vinyl sounds "warm"! 432hz tuning indeed! Just more pseudo science!

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The forums are NOT the place to try and sell products especially from a dealer! 

Rs507 the forums are a place  to learn about new products there are many dealers posting about their products on here 



This 432 Hz tuning stuff is about the most idiotic thing I have ever read in audio. Anyone selling this nonsense should be avoided IMO.

The reviewer drank the Cool-Aid.  They usually do!

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This is a great forum to learn about new gear. In many instances, the dealers get the gear and can share their thoughts and descriptions on its performance before any reviewer gets a hold of it. This is especially true for manufactures that don’t have a major presence advertising in the audio magazines. 

Dave (audiotroy), I think a year or so ago you were high on the innous music server.  Is this 432 server better than the innuous.  

@gasherbaum audiotroy is the importer of the 432 so he will only have one answer. Most forum members know not to pay much attention to him.

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What are the rules for retailers posting here to advertise their wares? This one makes me wonder.  Don't retailers have to pay to advertise here?

I will stay with a Bluesound and external DAC. I never liked products/brands/salesmen pushing something down my throat....

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Regarding the review of the server, it has a great history of 432 Hz and is worth checking out. It's not a bunch of bull as some say. That's not to say I'm a proponent, but just keeping an open mind.

All the best,

@nonoise   Have you listened to playback via the 432 Hz plug in? Feedback on the differences vs. 440 Hz? Thanks.

@david_ten ,

No, I haven’t. It’s just that so many top notch opera singers were campaigning for it back in the day that piqued my interest. That, and through the years, it was raised a few times from below it, to above it. I just found it interesting.

From what I read, raising it increases the leading edge and "sharpens" the sound and lowering it blunts that sound. Based on that, I'd prefer to keep things the way they are.

All the best,

@nonoise   Thanks. South Asian musicians (instrumentalists) have also shown preference for it.

I found Andrew Quint's take on the topic and his personal preference (in his review) valuable.

People, you don't have to buy the Aeon from Audiotroy or anyone else for that matter.  So many people have a hard-on about AudioTroy hyping his product on Audiogon.  Have you heard the Aeon?  Do you know anything about it?   Are we not all in this hobby to learn about new components?  He is providing information to the masses.  If you are interested in the product you can research it more.  If not just move on.  BTW, Dave is a wealth of knowledge.  I respect his opinions.  

I tried posting a similar thread on the Lampizator Horizon and I got so much hate (because it is a $45K DAC) that I asked the moderator to take the thread down and all I was doing was sharing information.  It is also why I like WBF better than Audiogon.  WBF is an information-sharing website.  If you don't like Audiotroy posting his comments then just ignore them and move on.  Otherwise, I am always interested in learning about new products even if I don't buy them. 


Dave hi,
Have questions about the Aeon model: Is the hard drive SSD SATA type, or newer PCI type storage? If it is SATA type 2.5 mm drive, is the drive user upgradable?
2. The 432 EVO Aeon has only two usb ports for external hard drives, so will the AEON recognize USB hubs with several USB hard drives plugged into it, as I have very large, about 30 TB  of hi res music stored on several external hard drives plugged into high quality USB HUB. From the review it seems the EVOs would only play music from the internal hard drive, is it the case? Please clarify, as it is of utmost importance. to me. Was great to have talked to you during the CAP FEST in DC. Thanks and regards






pstores we have compared to the innous statement and aurender n20


We matched the statement with the upgraded psu 

We bettered the Aurender 

We live on a planet that exists in a universe where everything came from nothing. While the law of conservation stated nothing can be created nor destroyed.

Our mere existence is proof of the impossible made possible. Really sad to see so many people with a phone and keyboard refuting anything they don’t like or don’t have a clear understanding of. An act that usually takes 2 seconds. When has anything good ever came from 2 seconds? The worst part is those kinda comments tend to have a huge following of sheeps.

It’s admiring to see audiotroy marching on despite the harsh words throughout the years. We know it can’t be good for the soul. My words to you as another fellow human being, keep marching on.

This message is not just for Troy, it’s also for the people that have a relentless pursuit of their visions. For people like Einstein, for the engineers that continued on class D amps dating back 30 years, and for the people that have beliefs.


You don’t have to be right, you just don’t have to stop others from being right.