Five indispensable D. Miles recordings. Pls. recom

I don't have any music of this legend. Please recommend me what is essential. At this moment I only have "Kind of Blue" in my CD universe's wishlist, but would like to add 4 more.

Thank you in advance,
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It really depends on what you like. Miles Davis has an extraordinary amount of brilliant records, but he also was constantly progressing throughout his career - so, someone who likes Kind of Blue might hate On the Corner. I would say start with Kind of Blue and then maybe pick up On the Corner or A Tribute to Jack Johnson from his fusion era (I prefer these over Bitches Brew). Sketches of Spain is also highly recommended.
Miles and Coltrane

and definitely Bitches Brew -- an amazing album, and one of my all-time favorites.
Cannonball Adderley / Somethin' Else is Kind of Blue Part 2. Same personal but Miles is Cannonball's guest.
In a Silent Way
Blue Haze
Blue Moods
Bags' Groove
(and Kind of Blue, of course...)
In A Silent Way-My favorite album.

Panthalassa-Original Davis tracks remixed in a chillout/ambient style ny legendary producer Bill Laswell. There is also a second version of this where remixers remix Laswell's remixes?! Get the original instead.

On The Corner-Funky electric stuff that lays down some heavy James Brown grooves.

Bitches Brew-Classic electric/jazz/early-fusion hybrid. Rockin'

Jack Johnson-A VERY rockin' album. Good entry point for rock people who are curious.
First, I would highly recommend the DVD "The Miles Davis Story". For about the cost of a CD/SACD, you can learn quite a bit about the man, his works, and the evolution of his music. Regarding five essential recordings ... I agree wholeheartedly with Patrick_odonnell. Much depends on what you like, and the Miles era that most appeals to you.

Miles had a couple of great groups during his "straight ahead" period ... of course the "Kind of Blue" ensemble featuring Cannonball and Coltrane. '58 Sessions (some recorded "live") featuring "Stella by Starlight" is an excellent piece by that same group. "Seven Steps to Heaven" is another date which includes some very good all round cuts.

The second great group with Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Ron Carter, and Tony Williams put out some great stuff: two of my personal favorites - "The Sorcerer" and "Nefertiti".

Best of the fusion era ... I agree with "In a Silent Way" . In addition to veterans from his earlier core group, two great keyboard players of that period - Zawinul and Chick Corea - appeared together.

Good sound, and happy listening!
The posters who have responded already have it right: Do you want to stay in the same vein or do you want to branch out and see what Miles was capable of? If you like Kind of Blue, and want to test the water gradually before you take any great leaps, then start branching out into albums from around that period before you get into the more esoteric fusion stuff. Some good possibilities:

My Funny Valentine
Miles Smiles

Then try the albums that show the move toward fusion and his introduction of more electronic instrumentation:

In A Silent Way
Bitches Brew
Thank you all for your recommendations. I just listened to some excerpts of Kind of Blue, Sketches of Spain and My funny Valentine (live at Carnegie hall) and I think this is the kind of stuff I like, specially the Quintet stuff. The track My funny Valentine is really nice to me. If there is any other recommendation in this vein, please go ahead.

I also listened to some excerpts from the "fusion" era but I must admit that maybe I'm not ready to digest this style at this moment, maybe after getting more familiar with the more "traditional" stuff.

Thanks again.
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In A Silent Way is not at all like the "noisier" fusion stuff. It is VERY calm, relaxed and serene(hence the title). It just happens to use guitars and electric pianos so a lot of people just lump it in with his electric period. You should give it a chance.