Fix it or not, my CJ Premier 11a Amp?

I can't get rid of my old stuff, but I'm trying. So, one day years ago I have my system turned on and just warming up. I walk up to it and see my Conrad Johnson Premier 11a power amp turned off. I thought I turned it on, so l flip the switch a couple of times and nothing. The fuse is blown, I replace it, and then snap, crackle, pop. Crap, what did I do, many know the feeling...Now what?

I would wind up upgrading my system after that, so today I don't have speakers compatible with my old CJ. It sits on a shelf in a basement back room and shares its company with other relics like Sansui, BAT, SOTA, Anthem, Theta, Heathkit, etc.. It's a museum of old memories.

So, that's the story behind my indecision about what to do with the amp. All my other relics actually work, so I have better options with those. I have also seen in some recent threads, that the customer service at CJ may have slipped somewhat, but that's heresay. So, is my amp worth fixing or just a pretty door stop?
It is a boat anchor filled with toxic chemicals. Send it to me so I can dispose of it properly..... :) 

Clearly that was a joke. At the very least, you need to fix it and sell it to someone who will love it. That is one of the great tube amps of all time, in my humble opinion. I can't afford one myself, but you truly do not appreciate the musical treasure that is.

Fixing should be really inexpensive, and you will get a pretty penny for it.


You should get it fixed, then sell it. Where do you live? Do you have a local tech who can do the troubleshooting and repair? It could save you a ton of money vs. sending it back to the manufacturer.
I recently had my CJ amp repaired at their factory.  It took 2 days for UPS to deliver to CJ, a day for them to repair it and 2 days to get it back.  It works perfectly and cost me less than 150.00 for the repair.  I see no problems with their service, as a matter of fact it's one of the best around.
@stereo5 - That's awesome! Much better than the experience I had many years ago. Good to know.

You need to repair and keep this amp.  It is a very musical amp indeed!  I had the privilege to own one last decade.  Had to sell it during the melt down in 2009 due to a job loss.  (Feed family or listen to music type of choice.)
It’s definitely worth fixing. The amp should last another 30 years. At the moment the CJ repair department’s lag time is about one month. Repair probably will cost about $400 plus parts and shipping. You might ask CJ if they will do the C1 capacitor upgrade while the amp is in the shop. The upgrade is well worth doing. CJ should offer the upgrade at a discount, as the amp is being serviced anyway. Best time to do the upgrade. 
Old memories should not be broken. Whether you would want to keep it or pass it on to someone else.
It's a classic tube amp, get it fixed or if you don't want to bother you might try the auction route as is with a minimum bid you would be comfortable with, you may be surprised. The other option IF you have a comparable speaker is to upgrade it. You are in a good position with such a vintage product. Wanna trade for a vintage Perreau amp plus cash, I'd be more than happy to oblige. In all cases you have excellent options, good luck! 

Getting it done inexpensively or quickly at CJ, based on my past experiences, is wishful thinking.  Whether its worth fixing imo would depend upon the cost to fix.  Depending on where you're located shipping back to CJ and the bench charge along could be several hundred dollars.  Try to find someone locally to at least give you an estimate of the repair cost.

Good luck.
Another alternative, you could sell it AS-IS.

I imagine a number of people would buy it under those circumstances. Then you could get it off your hands, and not deal with the service at all. You would loose a lot of value that way though, just depends on whether you'd like cash now, or to do a little work to get more cash later.


Send it to me in New Jersey and I will convert to point-to-point wiring and then it will just sound magical. I did this for a CJ MV-50 amp and paired with my Meadowlark speakers at the time was just pure magic. I also upgraded a few resistors and caps but nothing that expensive. It changed the sound of that amp for the better. Happy Listening.
If the amp doesn't have separate fuses for the tubes, I'd be inclined to swap in a new set of tubes and see what happens.
My VAC amp has only one fuse and I have had it blow due to a bad tube.  A cheap and easy fix if it works plus you would likely want new tubes anyway.  Good luck.
SOTA .....
i need a table with a dustcover, let me know if you want to sell
fix the CJ
pretty amazing gear
"Repair it."
Unbelievable, everyone...You all agree! I think this is an Audiogon landmark moment (LOL)!

I will consider all the offers. You guys are great!
Another rec to repair it, Bill Thalmann @ Musical Technologies in VA is a certified c-j repair tech. Not sure where you're located but should be a pretty easy fix by a qualified tech.
Okay, fix it I will!!!

Before shipping my amp out somewhere, I would like to find out if there's a quality repair place locally. I'm in the Boulder, Colorado area, so I'm familiar with some of the hi-end manufacturers here like Boulder, Ayre, Avalon, and PS Audio, but not for servicing a CJ. Maybe, they would consider that? My first thoughts are to call The Music Room in Broomfield nearby, to see if they do repair or can recommend somebody. This place would probably be a good choice if I ever decide to sell my amp, because I have read some good things about them in Audiogon. If anyone here knows of someone in my area for quality repair work that would be much appreciated.
Hi Kenny - I know this is an old thread, but did you ever get your amp repaired? Do you still have it?