Fleetwood Sound Company - DeVille Loudspeaker.

The design and attention to the details is fascinating.  Roasted wood cabinet and unique wood horn along with several other fascinating design principles. I also relate to the builder’s sonic goals and priorities. Has anyone heard these or own them? If so, then please share your findings.  Thanks much!  
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Yes indeed @tvad. They make some monstrosities to be sure! Seems no Agoners own this speaker. 
Considering trading in my Joseph Audio Pearl's for a pair of these at BEK HI-FI.  These are a lot of coin for such a relatively small speaker. They certainly are beautiful to look at.
They are good looking loudspeakers but the construction is suspect. I can not see enough in the photos but it appears that the top and bottom are cross grained. In localities where conditions go from very dry to very humid the cycling will cause the wood to crack. It is not a mistake a good cabinet maker would make. It is the reason that most speakers are made of MDF or plywood as both are much more stable than real wood. I am not sure if torrefaction would stabilize wood enough. It will certainly cause it to shrink to it's smallest dimension. But, on exposure to humidity it will grow again.
I don't know how the Oswald Mill Ironic sounds, but they absolutely corner the market on ugly.
Regarding the above generalization about wood speaker cabinets, I have Daedalus Audio speakers , 100% solid hardwood, in my case walnut. I’ve had them going on 6 years and there’s been no shrinkage, splitting , or any other issues with the cabinets despite very humid summers and largely dry winters of western TN. I don’t know if the Fleetwoods are built as well, but I wouldn’t discount them, or say another example, Viking Acoustics just because they are wood
I heard the deville it is a-nice speaker but $14500 with stands for drivers that are well under$2k  pretty cabinet ,they even refused to give the brand of the critical Xover ,nothin* special in crossover parts  quality , I saw pictures on the bench .
they sound good ,dynamic but with the current Xover parts more in your face 2-3 row perspective.
if you call that live ,no thanks ,as I mentioned to them I would buy the speaker 
if I can pay fior the upgrades in capacitors ,resistors , not willing too, no response 
the Jupiter Copperfoil , with 2-3% VH audio Cutf  copper foil Teflon bypass caps 
are a incredible combo ,and path audio ,or Mundorf ultra resistors 
a much better upgrade on every level.closed minded Audiophiles is not good for audio Period !!

I acquired a pair of pre-loved DeVille's, non SQ. I agree with everything Steve Huff mentioned in his review. These speakers are game changers. 

They will change the way you listen to music. In my room, 13X28, I experience a holographic soundstage, close your eyes, while the speakers completely disappear and you are treated to a wall of sound with instruments and vocals coming from distinct locations. The aural cues, the space between the notes, the way these speakers render a musical performance is both accurate and beautiful. 

The challenge with describing sound is that what we remember most is the way a performance made us feel. Words by analogy are often inadequate, and sound memory is limited. I am a music lover and lifetime audiophile. These speakers are doing something different than anything I have owned or heard. 

A truly wonderful music reproduction system will do more than sound great, it will train your brain to hear music differently. Like any great art form, the art, if you are paying attention, teaches us to perceive with greater clarity and perspective. When a home based system affects the way you hear even live music by opening up your mind to new musical spaces and instrumental resonances, then you have something special. 

With a deep sense of gratitude. 

I’ve heard the original non-SQ version. Impressive soundstage and imaging. That’s their strength. On the warm and laid back side. They did really well with acoustic jazz. Weren’t great with rock even when supplemented by subs. Just not enough bite and dynamic drive/impact. I didn’t listen to large scale classical on them. Overall a must see and listen to determine if this is your kind of sound and whether or not you like the design.
It wasn’t for me though.

Out of coincidence noted a used pair with stands in excellent condition has recently come up for sale at Fidelis Audio in New Hampshire.  No relationship with them.


check youtube, the busy reviewer steve huff loves them to death

i almost pulled the trigger on a pair over a year ago, was deterred by the looks despite being curious about the sound

Steve Huff is preaching his latest replacement ….. his DEVILLE’s are already gone within a year in favour of the latest esoteric flavour of the month.





But he can help you talk to the dead, so he must know audio.

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ahhh the endless churn of being an internet ’influencer’ -- all hopes of lasting credibility is gone in a just few blinks of the eye! 😅😂😆

just remember, when someone is trying to tell something for free, the question is who is that person helping? themselves or you????  🤷‍♀️

I always thought the Devilles were birdhouses. Now I know what they are - they’re dybbuk boxes. 

Can only speak to their marketing.  The murch section reminded me of Simon Pearce glass.  Outrageously priced for those buying individuality.  I don’t doubt they are good, just not by any measure THAT good.

I wish them success…..without my money.