For Lugnut & Barb (Patrick & Barbara Malone)

To everything, turn, turn, turn
There is a season, turn, turn, turn
And a time for every purpose under heaven.

* * *

A time to build up, a time to break down
A time to dance, a time to mourn
A time to gain, a time to lose
A time of peace, I swear it’s not too late.

(Apologies to the Byrds).

For many years now, Pat Malone has been a good friend to one and all. He has supported both the newbie and the experienced audiophile alike with his knowledge, his honesty, his camaraderie, his warmth and his wit. We have all immensely benefitted from his participation. Whether caring support or a slight barb was needed, it was delivered ... gracefully and intuitively. If we did not know his name, we might call him “Mr. Integrity,” and if not that, then perhaps just “Sir” out of our respect.

For many years now, it has been our time to benefit from Pat. It has been our turn. And now it is a different time. Now it is Pat’s turn ... and Barbara’s turn. It is time that we show Pat some of the support he has so often and generously shown us, and time that we show Barbara how much we appreciate her sharing her beloved Pat with us. And we are glad – no, we are extremely moved – that so many of us recognize what time it is.

What does one do to show a cherished friend how much he means to us? There is no one perfect answer. But it seemed to many of us that one good answer was hopefully to enable Pat to enjoy the music maybe a little bit more than before. So the pieces of a new system, and some other goodies, are now arriving on Pat’s doorstep (excepting that we could never replace Pat’s cherished Linn turntable), which we hope he will enjoy:

Supratek Syrah preamp
Blue Circle BC22 amp
Snell K7 monitors w/ stands
Ridge Street Audio Poiema! interconnects and speaker cables
Shelter 901 cartridge
Proton Tuner
Snell THX subwoofer
Hsu sub amp
Audiopoints for all components


various LPs
$250 Acoustic Sounds gift certificate
$250 Music Direct gift certificate
more than $1200 in cash

We hope this may bring some added pleasure to Pat's and Barb's days, and we offer our most sincere thanks and deep gratitude to the following people who made this possible:

Steve Dobbins (Vetterone)
Dean Yamasaki (Gunbei)
Robert Schult of Ridge Street Audio
Bob Graffy of Snell Acoustics
Larry Howkins (Cello)
Peter Bongers (peterb)
Skip Pease (Shventus)
Tom Lyons of Star Sound/Audiopoints (Twl)
Scott Campbell (SpiritMan1113)
Cole McKinney (Slate1)
Joe Galbraith (Slipknot)
John McGrogan (jmcgrogan2)
John Woodworth (The_smokester)
Jeff Logan (Jeffloistarca)
Dan Anderson (Danlib1)
Michael Klein (Swampwalker)
Albert Porter (Albertporter)
Oris Newman (Newmanoc)
Toby Earp (tobias)
Jack Sujovolsky (Jsujo)

With warmest regards,
Doug Deacon
Paul Frumkin
A sincere thanks to Paul & Doug who pulled this all together and did most of the legwork. It is wonderful and heart warming to see so many participate and help out.
Here's hoping a few more Audiogoners will find it in their hearts to chip in a bit and make Pat and Barb's load a little lighter. Please email Doug Deacon or Paul Frumkin directly if you are in a position to help out.
I would just like to second Larry's post and thank Paul and Doug for taking their time and efforts to give us an opportunity to do something fun and meaningful.

Here's to enjoying the tunes (raises glass, while singing 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow'). Thank you Paul and Doug.

BTW, you're all lucky you couldn't hear that. I make William Huang sound ON-key.

Consider myself lucky to team up with these guys.....
Paul & Doug, thanks for the inspiring initiative !
I simply cannot express how touched I've been by every expression of kindness, sympathy, generosity and compassion shown by the many Audiogon members in the above list AND the many members that have contacted me personally. Thanks to each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart.

I hope there isn't much confusion from the viewers of this post about what the heck is this about so for enlightenment purposes the short story is I've but a short time left here on earth. Paul, in his magical way started a thread about yours truly that is a difficult read but one that is important beyond any words I can write. This isn't about audio. The gear and gifts are an extension of something much greater that everyone really, REALLY needs to learn. It is easier to love than to hate.

The bold among this community will follow the first thread until the end and I thank the owners of this site in the most profound of ways for allowing this thread to continue for the greater good of mankind. THAT is how touched I am by what is going on. I've said this in the other thread but feel it should be said again as it's the most important thing I can share with you readers. I sincerely hope that by following this journey with me that the experience will give you more than it takes away.

My heartfelt thanks to each and everyone of you.

Pat -

I can not tell you what a privilege it has been to be but a small part of this. I can think of no greater joy I’ve had in recent years than helping bring someone of your caliber closer to music so that it may do what it was created for – to stir the soul and whisk us away from everything that’s around us even if but for a short time.

I know I speak for everyone when I say that it is not we who have given you a gift, sir – it is you who have gifted us with your openness, your zeal, your will, and your sheer determination and bravery. I’ve never spoken with or met you, Pat, but I tell you – you’ve had a positive impact upon my life and you are the purest definition of inspiration.


Paul & Doug sure did a fantastic job assembling this system. This community continues to amaze me with their helpful advice and willingness to pitch in and help out fellow members.

I'm quite impressed/pleased that manufacturers such as Ridge Street Audio, Snell, and Audiopoint helped out with their products; we all should go out of our way to patronize these companies.

Enjoy the system Pat, and more importantly get well.

Regards, Jeff (artist formerly known as jeffloistar)

You're still in our prayers, the privelege is to those who have gotten to know you to one degree or another. There is no greater friend than a friend in need. I am thankful to all who have given of themselves for the sake of Pat and Barb.

It is easier to love than to hate.

No truer words spoken, yet so often ignored.

Pat- I just wanted to extend my gratitude for your recent posts, and for the legacy you have created through your contributions to this community. Your words, and your willingness to generously share them with all of us in these days where courage and strength must not come all that easily...well, it is a great privilege to be among the recipients of such a gift as you're offering in continuing to post here, as well as to bear witness to and be a part of the community that embraces you.

Keep your courage Pat.

Pat - I have only recently begun to participate in the Vinyl Asylum. I have been following the "About Lugnut" thread, and now this one. The heartfelt expressions of caring in these posts bring tears to my eyes. I don't know you, but you are obviously very well loved, and deservedly so. I wish I had the honor and pleasure of knowing you as well as so many of the other folks here do.

All the best to you and Barb. May you always be surrounded by good music.


You're a good person and as I've found from our worldly discussions, a true patriot.

Enjoy the burger, fries and soda more often! Next time while sitting in front of your new system.

Vernon at Prairie Poducts sent me some cool damping material and S. D. Campbell is sending me more vinyl than I'll have time to listen to.

Please note, I try very hard to answer each email and will try very hard to post gifts that aren't being listed above. Boa2 sent me Lance Armstrong's book for example and Cello is sending me some breathing exercise CD's. He's even gifted me an airline ticket and hotel room in March so that I can attend a cartridge/tonearm shootout at his house. This will give me a chance to meet Doug Deacon and who knows who else? If I forget or overlook answering or mentioning such things in this thread, please forgive me.

I feel wonderful today and it's because of all this good will. Thank you all again for being so kind.
I'm baaacckk. And, feeling much better. I've got a problem though. I'd have to go to quite the inventory exercise to catch up on all of the packages I've received and haven't acknowledged receiving in this thread. I just decided not to do it for two reasons. One, it would eat up valuable time that I need to use enjoying each piece of "stuff". Second, I'm lazy. Hehe. Know this, the expression each piece represents is what has sustained me this last ten days. You guys have been on my mind when not much else has. That, is powerful medicine.

Good to hear from you again, Pat. I was about to drop you a line and see how you were doing. Consider it dropped. Speaking for myself, I say rest, enjoy, get well, !@#$ the formalities. No apologies needed. Take care.
Well, after playing with a whole lot of new stuff I've got to comment on a small bunch that really tripped my trigger. First, the Ridge Street interconnects and speaker cables are so good it's spooky. I'm not going to go into a bunch of audiophoole terms describing the performance upgrade this has had on my system. Everything is better and by a wide margin. The Audio Points from Star Sound (Sistrum) brought everything into focus. I'm using points beneath my speakers and amps. These are the real deal. By using the above products I'm thinking that my system is near tweaked to its maximum potential. I continue to be amazed at how much I'm enjoying the tuner Jeff Logan provided. This is my wife's favorite piece. So much of the vinyl I've been playing lately are from various Audiogon members and I haven't found a single record I haven't fell in love with. You guys have some great taste in music. Hopefully I'll be posting my system soon.
Who is Steve Kay from Evanston, Ill.? I just received a Nick Drake "Five Leaves Left" Simply Vinyl LP from him. Thank you!!!! I would love to put a moniker with the name.
Patrick-I think you might find that LP is from me-terrible company to deal wth but hey that is some great music just landed on your doorstep---yer auld pal Ben.