for Technics SU-R1000 owners....unit already discontinued? where to service?

I think I have some minor software issues with my out of warranty unit

My first touchpoint with Technics/Panasonic Canada has them indicating the unit is discontinued and no suggestions on where to have serviced

I can't envision too many local techs having the software expertise for this, the nature of digital type amps I guess

Have any current owners found a repair centre that can work on these?




their web site directs you to one of their service centers in your area, have you reached out to the service center closest to you and ask them directly? 

yes two thus far, no luck yet.....some of those spots are for servicing other types of gear including non audio

as an aside, I know all the reputable pro amp repair guys around my neck of the woods none of which service Technics in an official capacity, and these guys are pretty much strictly analog

I'll likely have to ship the unit to somewhere


as suspected, just received another fail response from a repair centre, despite making it clear that it needed service on the software side........

............"Sorry your unit is no longer repairable due to age. No one will be able to get any parts to repair your unit Thank you"

this is actually not that surprising to me, one of my own local guys who is an amp wizard froze when he saw the unit, combination of the digital and topology aspects I suspect

what's interesting is that they continually refer to this unit as old, lol

had similar issues on the past with a software issue on a Hegel amp where in the dealer ended up just sending me a new unit after months of failed warranty/repair attempts

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A quick look at Technic's site shows your unit to be current and not discontinued. 

Click above and see if this is the page you're getting. Investigating further, I got this message using my Zip Code: 

For the NEW Technics Products that are listed on the website, please fill out the Contact Us Form on the link below and include all your contact information:

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