Forced to Downsize

Unfortunately we are losing our lovely rental because the owners are tearing it down. The good news is we are moving close to the beach, the bad new is that the giant setup I have now has to go because the space is pretty small. So I'm asking what is everyone favorite small footprint turntable, up to $2750 budget (used is always acceptable) including arm. Cartridge will be a Lyra Delos.
Probably the smallest footprint TTs will be round ones. I have an Aurora from Origin Live and love it. A friend has Roksan's radius and loves it-it sounds great. I see MMF is making a round TT too. Good luck.
A Well Tempered Simplex is on the small side. The larger Amadeus isn't too big itself and is also within your budget
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The VPI Traveler is pretty small and Positive Feedback Online gave it a very good thumbs up on a couple of reviews. One included notable similarities between the new VPI Classic 4 (two arm table) and the Traveler, both using Lyra cartridges but I think the Lyras were one and two steps above the Delos.
An Empire 208 turntable with new, solid aluminum top plinth. Very compact, beautiful and sounds superb. Put on an SME 209 and live happily ever after. the AE2008 is a ready to go example, but there are others. Here is a review
I have a home made version, and it is superb.
Thanks! All great ideas. I'm going to listen to a Simplex and Amadeus but I'm maybe leaning toward a used P9 (maybe a little more than my budget on a Rega wallshelf which is a very compact package. Height is going to be an issue or I'd keep my current Amazon Model 2, so the Gyro/Orbe is not possible. The Quads definitely have to go and I want to die. I'll need something with a small footprint that'll play from up against a wall. Audio Note maybe. My wife keeps telling me that this is an adventure and it will be fun and she's fully expecting me to say in the coming months that the new system sounds better than the old. Nice of her, but I doubt it.....
Make your own minimal plinth for the refurbished Denon DP80 listed here for $1350
You can keep your Delos/UP4 and make a stand alone cylindrical brass armboard for $--- (cheap)
This is the lower limit of minimum space a TT can take.
Try to find the Red Rose R3 used. They can make you forget the Quads !!!
Good Luck.
The recent class D amps and pre amps are very small-the Bel Canto, Wired 4 sound and PS Audio look nice.
You can get state of the art sound by buying a great pair of earphones and an earphone amp...You'll be amazed at how good they sound