Frampton Acoustic Classics

Somebody gave me this 2-record set as a gift and it’s very good.  Show me the way, Baby I love your way. Mostly just him, but some songs have a second guitar and/or bass. Very nice records. 


It is an expensive vinyl set as well. I tried to buy it on eBay and quit when the bidding got to $55. The cd is not much cheaper. I will keep looking. Thanks for the recommendation. 

Actually, it was given to me in 2017!  How time flies. These same people also gave me the Sgt Pepper Reissue with the remastered record and a second with the raw tracks. Also quite excellent. Obviously an audiophile remaster, as the harshness is gone. Very good sounding version. 

I pre-ordered the Intervention set so my Frampton allocation fund is low now.

In case you Frampton guys don't know, his father taught Jagger at school and IFIRC they both went to the same school.

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