Focal 1028Be or JBL L100 classics (your choice)

Amp’d with a McIntosh MA8900. Listening to Rock, Blues, R&B in a smaller listening area 10x14 7’ distance to speakers on a carpeted basement floor, acoustic ceiling (tiled drop ceiling). Vinyl and Digital w/HiRes used for audio source. 

What says you audiophiles?
In the smaller space, I'd say the JBL's. I heard them recently in a showroom and was really impressed, and I really like the old school look. I have the Focal 1008BE and they sound great, but the 1028BE might be a bit much in that space. 
I purchased the JBL L100 classics last year, and find them one of the best purchases I ever made.  I listened extensively to the Focal 28 and 38, and there is no comparison, in my opinion.  These new JBLs are wonderful.  By the way, my other speakers are VonSchweikert Unified 3 Mk2, and Vandersteen 5A.  Good company I think.  
The JBL L100 with the blue grilles are best for rock and jazz, orange for R&B.
Thanks for the tips guys...keep them coming. If I went with the JBL's I would have to go with the orange grills....can't get more retro than that.

I am concerned the L100's will not give me enough of a "bass punch" and be able to dig deep enough. I suppose if that became an issue a sub may be in order.
L100's with 70's style orange grill should be arriving within the next week. Now I'm trying to unload my new(er) Cornscalas with xover upgrade. Really looking forward to the L100's.
Bass is more a result of your room. I had the kanta 3 in my room and was +10 at 100 hz, flat at 80hz and -10 at 70 hz, -20 at 60 hz and off the screen by 50 hz.. Consider port configuration and how your current speakers reproduce bass to get some idea what to expect frop your next speakers.The electra line I demoed the 1028 and while they sounded pretty special with great recordings, their hi resolution capability came around to bite them with average, early rock recordings. The electra's can be 'the one' if everything else lines up.
They are indeed the Crites Conscala. $2,000 OBO but you have to come get them. They weigh in at 115 lbs each, and I'm taking a hit on them.
The L100's have landed. They sound great and are MUCH more accommodating in my smaller listening area. Thanks for the advice everyone.

Put them on the stands, if you don't have them already.

 Warm Fuzzies......Anytime I see those speakers, it sends me back to 1978 in a wood paneled living room. Zep,Sabbath and Who records on the floor.

Lowenbrau beer and pizza. Yessir...good times