Free $3K preamp to lucky listener who names it

We at Backert Labs have just introduced our new preamp, which is sonically very close to our $7,500 unit at less than half the price ($2,995 to be exact).

It doesn't have a name yet, so we're having a contest: a lucky listener who suggests the name that we decide to use will win one.

If we don't use any of the names suggested, there will still be a winner, selected at random from all entries. If the name we select was submitted by more than one entry, we'll draw the winner at random from those entries.

Our press release is handy if you'd like some info before submitting your name idea.

Enter here.

Good luck!
I still like my entry of the "Blues". That way they would have Rhythm and Blues.
Rcprince I had Blues also guessing a lot of folks did. Also went with Tempo but can't remember my 3rd entry. But Rhumba? No account for taste I guess lol.
Although it is spelled differently I will always associate Rhumba with Roomba the very odd robot vacuum/wannabe preamp.