Free $3K preamp to lucky listener who names it

We at Backert Labs have just introduced our new preamp, which is sonically very close to our $7,500 unit at less than half the price ($2,995 to be exact).

It doesn't have a name yet, so we're having a contest: a lucky listener who suggests the name that we decide to use will win one.

If we don't use any of the names suggested, there will still be a winner, selected at random from all entries. If the name we select was submitted by more than one entry, we'll draw the winner at random from those entries.

Our press release is handy if you'd like some info before submitting your name idea.

Enter here.

Good luck!
I would call it ... the "Va Zull ... why

Because everybody knows .. drum roll please ... nothing can "Pasta Va Zull" ;-)

Nice idea! I'm glad to see that Bob and Gary Backert are finally getting some long overdue recognition. Good luck on your new preamp, I hope I win one!

I put up my best attempt as it really seemed too easyoung to come up with the best name.
Thanks for the kind words and yes, good luck to everyone!

Just a reminder that submitting names here won't get you entered... you can visit and click on "September Preamp Giveaway", or hit the link at the end of the original post above.

And you can actually HEAR the preamp-in-question-which-shall-not-be-named-because-it-actually-isn't-named in *Room 323* at the Capital AudioFest this weekend.

Along with the $10K Montis speaker by MartinLogan, some very nice AudioQuest interconnects/other lovely cables, the Chord Hugo DAC, and a VPI Classic with 3D tonearm (yum).
You have to visit to enter

This page takes you directly to the entry form.

(And the rules! They're important too!)

I sent an email is that ok? It said it was an option on your press release.
Absolutely fine to enter via email...
Just need to provide,
- your first and last name
- your name ideas (up to 3)


Oregonpapa, we like the confidence!

We are happy to share a nice Stereophile write-up from the Capital AudioFest, which mentions this giveaway. (2nd item down)

The weird thing... we can't remember what LP that was?! Anybody?
Have a great weekend!
Hi Analog- unfortunately the laws of each country / state / province are different and giveaways are regulated in unpredictable ways, so we could not extend beyond the U.S. If we tried, the real giveaway would be to the lawyers, lol. Very sorry!
-Backert Labs

You can enter our September Preamp Giveaway right: here.

And yes we are sorry, but residents of Rhode Island are not permitted to enter -- RI has legal reporting and registration requirements for giveaways that we did not want to attempt and then somehow fail to comply with. We truly wish everyone could enter!

The good news is, residents of the other 49 United States can participate, and each person/household can submit up to 3 names.

A pretty picture of the prize.

Another pic, which highlights the easy-access clear tube door on top.
So far, Audiogon is the 2nd largest group entering our little giveaway... we are still reading all entries! Still trying to figure out what the guy who suggested "The Scott Walker" was thinking?...
Hi Cusco... to enter, just visit our website and you can take it from there.

Placing ideas here in the forum won't get you entered (and just gives away your ideas).

If we settle on a name that was submitted multiple times, the winner will be selected by random drawing from those entries.
Just a reminder that our September Preamp Giveaway is ongoing until Sep. 30 and that a **maximum of three names** can be submitted by any person/household!
Good luck...

Just one week left to enter, gents.... you can suggest a max of 3 names for our new pre.... as always, you can get a leg up on what kind of name to suggest by reading our press release.... good luck to all!
When will the winner be announced? And will you contact them directly?

It's a very nice looking piece.

- Woody
Thanks for the kind words!
To answer your question, let's consult the Official Rules.... ahh, it says here that the winner will be notified by October 15, 2015. We will contact the winner by email (which is why it's important to provide your correct email address with your entry).
Too bad Ed McMahon is dead; you could send him to the winner's house.
It worked for the other guys.

Tomorrow is the last day to enter.... 11:59 pm Eastern Time on Sep. 30 is the deadline. Good luck!
Promotion is the foundation of creating sales and public awareness in the business world. Shameless conduct is more of a foolish behavior,Backertlabs does not seem to fit the shameless profile. Who wouldn't like to win a free tube preamp? That's why I entered the contest.

Andrew9405 we love your Audiogon name! Good one. And thank you for your preamp name suggestion.

Believe it or not, you have not submitted the worst name so far! (Some of them have just been completely ??????)

By the way, we hope you *actually* entered. Can't hurt, eh?

Very truly yours,
I just stumbled onto this thread with one hour to go!
Maybe Christmas will come early. Who knows?

All the best,
No noise
I will be most happy to take the preamp if others find the promotion offensive. :^)
Abucktwoeighty, that's an excellent idea.
When the tabulating and judging is over, we will check the rules to make sure, and if it's OK, post some of the out-there suggestions we received.
I'm hoping for second prize, front row tickets to Justin Bieber.
Third prize is four front row tickets to Bieber AND a meet'n'greet ;-)
Czarivey, under the rules we have to notify the winner by Oct. 15. We will announce the winning preamp name after we have heard back from the winner and we make sure they were eligible to win... under the rules, if they take too long to respond (more than 10 days) then we move on to another name. We will tell the world who the winner was, if they are OK with it.