Gallo 3.1's and amps?

Just curious if anyone has used a Tube Amp with the Gallo 3.1's? I tried a Jolida 1000rc and it sounded nice. I'm looking to get the most out of my Gallo 3.1's and want to increase the power. I'm currently using a Sherbourn 5210a, which is rated at 5x200. I listen mostly to Rock music at loud volumes.

Would it be better to just stick with a Solid State amp like a Bryston 4bsst? Does anyone have any suggestions on some amps to try? Any thoughts or help on this would be appreciated.
I can confirm that these speakers love tubes. Been using 845 SET monoblocks with my Ref 3s for five+ years and have no interest in changing either the amps or the speakers. My amps are not commercial products, though, and the designer/builder is not making more of them as far as I know. Good luck, Dave
I looked at these and was told by the dealer that one needs SS to make these sing. There is an article somewhere on one of the major audio sites discussing the tube v. solid state issue with these.
Newbrook, that particular dealer may not sell much tube gear. In any event, I know a couple of folks driving Ref 3s and 3.1s with tube amps and I think it's safe to say they would disagree with him.
You are right. He does sell some tubed gear, but most of his sales are solid state stuff. I wasn't nuts about the 3.1s, but I was told that they weren't well broken in. I can't fathom why the dealer would audition speakers that take some decent amount of use before sounding optimal without breaking them in himself.

I do note that Stereotimes just did a piece on the new 3.5 series. Aesthetically, they look the same but the price has doubled so presumably they sound better. LOL.
I'm driving my 3.1's with a pair of 60 watt tube mono-blocks with no problems. I play a lot of rock and at times it can get pretty loud. If you are a real headbanger you may need a more powerful amp, but tubes will be fine.
Drove them with both a Cary SLI-80 and a Cary Rocket 88R- both were fantastic.
Newbrook, if they really weren't broken in, they're pretty much guaranteed to sound like hell. I don't know why Gallo didn't do it (they do specify a minimum 100 hr. break-in in the owner's manual) because I've never heard speakers that sound so blah -- hard and 2-dimensional -- after they have about 6 hours on them. Once they get the hours on them, they're terrific.
Do you think that an 845 amp at 20wpc will be enough power for the 3.5's?
I will probably eventually get two per side, as advised by Pierre Sprey at Mapleshade. One firing forward and the other firing backward. I would think this would a similar idea to stacked 57's although the 3.5's would be more dynamic and go lower.
Most likely will do the SA amp as well.
If I were to get two per side, and two SA amps per side, what would be the preferred way to connect everything?
I have Gallo 3.1's

I have ran in order:
Response audio modified Jolida 502brc Integrated 60wpc kt88 Ultra Linear Class AB
McIntosh MA6900 Integrated 200wpc SS
Wyred 4 Sound ST1000 500wpc Class D with Cary 98SLP preamp
Clayton S40 50 wpc Class A SS with Cary 98SLP preamp
Ayon Spirit II 60wpc Pentode 40wpc Triode Integrated kt88 Class A
Unison Unico SE Integrated 140wpc SS Class AB with triode tube input stage

Yes the Gallos do well with tubes, I love tubes, but you aren't going to get loud rock from these speakers with tubes. Not kick butt bust your balls hard rock.

I would suggest you get a high power SS integrated for your listening style. The Unico SE I am using right now would be a top contender. Tremendous grip on the bass without any strain or bloat at high volumes. Surprisingly close to the Clayton/Cary combo for 1/3 of the cost.

I would think Unison, Krell, wyred4sound, and Musical fidelity integrateds which are all brands I have had at one time or another would be a good match. I am sure there are many more but from my personal experience these should make these speakers stand up and rock. All can be had for $1,500.00 or less.

FWIW I have found Morrow Audio wire to work very well with Gallo speakers.

Having had both in my system, I swear to you, the 3.5 sounds far superior to the 3.1, there is no going back for me.

Regards, Barry
Leatherneck-I have a pair of Morrow SP-2 speaker cables on my horns and I like them a lot. I will seek out a demo of some of the amps you suggest. Thank you for your suggestions.
Barry, do you have the 3.5's in the system now? Do you have the SA amp on the 2nd voice coil?
I do have the 3.5s in my system now, and I've never used the second VC on my 3.1s or 3.5s.