Which of the following is gapless playback dependent on?

1. streamer/renderer - assume it is

2. The DAC

3. the digital files. I typically play FLAC files ripped from CDs

I play around with a lot of equipment from about 5-10 years old and gapless might be a moot point now but a short time ago it was not.

My current digital setup is a Krell Connect streamer connected to a Wadia D321 DAC.

I can get gapless with only files connected to the USB jack in the back, but not files fetched with upnp. The Krell is supposed to support gapless playback.

Any thoughts on why the Krell would support gapless via the USB jack but not upnp?

Is it correct to assume that modern (last 3 years) streamers support gapless no problem with ripped FLAC files that are local/USB or via upnp?


Usually the renderer which is typically in the streamer. DLNA and upnp generally I can’t get gapless to ever work. 

G'day zerofox

What source/app are you using to bring the tracks to the DAC and then into the Krell?

I hope I can support with this:

Krell suggests using Twonky as the control software for your UPnP/DLNA server. I have a copy of this on one of my back-up music servers but rarely use it because I find its navigation cumbersome. On my primary server I use Illustrate’s Asset (version 4), whose operation I find flawless and wholly reliable. This worked perfectly with the Krell/iPad combination providing swift access to my music library.

Found here:

More information regarding

Best, eagledriver

It depends on the render/streamer no matter of the server or streaming service in my more than 10 years experience as dealer and user. It's a pity and a shame that some manufacturers are still not able to do products that cannot play gapless today.... 

@clearthinker Normal CDs and CD players like we have been accustomed to. Some albums don’t have any gap/silence between tracks, like live recordings and some studio albums, but nevertheless the track is still known and displayed.

Someone else can share what is the alternative and its merits in full, but as I understand it tiny splices of silence are deliberately introduced between tracks.

I have recently learnt that some CD players these days do not offer gapless, and indeed being gapless is marketed as a feature. As if its a new technology? Blah.

Thanks @noske.  So gapless seems to be a useless technology that requires another technology to enable its normal use.  If that is a feature, it certainly isn't a useful one.

@clearthinker What is gapless playback?

Normal CDs and CD players like we have been accustomed to.

So gapless seems to be a useless technology

No, it the only technology that everyone has ever used for CD playback.

Until recently - some (most?? - only going on what I’ve been told) new CD players don’t have it and if you don’t realize it when buying you may be in for an unpleasant surprise should you wish to listen to some Pink Floyd seamlessly - there may be artificial gaps in between tracks.  

But this is something of a deflection from the thread which is about streamers.

As I read it, gapless is not supported by streamers and they want it. I am happy to be corrected - I do not use streaming. May or may not also be an issue in other contexts as well.


I have a ton of live music and when the renderer does not support gapless it really stinks as it inserts silence between every “track”. If one never listens to live recordings then it likely does not matter. Far from useless and critical for me at least. 

Thanks again @noske

I am going to retire hurt from this thread and go and put on an LP.  They mostly have gaps, except for Sergeant Pepper and Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands.

All record players play gaps if there are gaps and no gaps if there are none.  Let's not take a step backwards.

Hey thanks for the super helpful reply. I'm not sure how I missed that thread. I haven't quite mastered the search function on here. I think I'll pass with him this time around. If i want any further guideline we will contact you here


Thanks to everyone who responded. Frustrating that this is an issue these days.

I am going to cut bait on this streamer and send it back since I am within my return window.

I couldn't get upnp to work gapless. Although I could get a thumbsized USB drive to work, I couldn't get my large external hard drive to be recognized by the rear USB port. Dealbreaker for me.

I deal with this technology stuff all day and am not interested in debugging it outside of work.

It sounded great, but I'm out on this one....Bryston???

Dlna is an old and limited open streaming interface technology. Good, modern streaming software like Plexamp supports advanced features like gapless streaming, fades, and many other things but the technology used is proprietary and will vary from one streaming app to another  


I use the LMS server software on my PC with a Raspberry Pi streamer running a Squeezelite player and have no problem with gapless playback. 

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