General Character of Harmonic Technology?

Harmonic Technology, ex Pro Silway iii - any general characteristics of this cable?

darker / brighter / forward sounding .....?

Trying to find something that will tame the top end.
My question is very specific, thank you
Maybe if you could isolate just what is causing the problem with the highs, others might be able to make suggestions. Sometimes cables aren't the answer for taming the highs. Is the problem in the amplification, speakers, sources, room interaction,interconnects, ac power supply,etc? There are many, many variables which might be causing those strident and/or harsh highs.
The room calibration was provided by Wilson so I did position them according to what they said. That seems fine after fooling around much. All equimpemnt is under isolation support and in proper locations (to the best of my knoweledge). Ayre K-1e Pre and Krell FPB200, I love this combo after trying out plenty of stuff with tubes and all others so....

Its not bright at all, I just like the very very top end to smooth out a little and its a real task. I got rid of my favourite Au24 cables (never new they could sound different until the Wilsons came into my life)they did not work with the new Wilson I purchased at all. Plug in the Transparent (which I was never ever a fan before) and everything got into place, just like a puzzle. Its not the cables, its the synergy causing it to work. I did not go with the Tranasparent Ultra or Reference because of one reason only - $$$$$$$$. Its brutally expansive and was trying something less to see if it works. I really dont like the idea of spenind thousands of dollars on cables.
Components maybe but cables I am still learing to except.
I found the Harmonic Tech power cables to provide good detail and an expansive soundstage.

I think these cables are good cables for their price range, but I think you need something with less detail.


My experience has been that you have to go up a ways in the Harmonic Tech line before you get the kind of smooth high end you're talking about. I have an "edgy" speakers (Thiel 3.6's) and it wasn't until I got the Magic Link II's by HT that the top end grain disappered. They can be found used for what I consider to be a somewhat moderate price. I also recommend HT's magic reference woofer speaker cables for smoothing out high end etch...but they're pricey.
I've been a big fan of HT Pro-Silway (I have MKII's) and the Pro-9 bi-wire speaker cables. The Pro-Silways are detailed, they are essentially neutral , they are not forward or laidback... I have found that neutral IS the word. With this in mind the rest of your system can sometimes find them too extended and "un-sugar coated" if you have an especially revealing system. I am in a very similar situation as I have recently switched from very forgiving speakers to completely un-forgiving and I too was going to move up the HT line to the Magics (I or II depending on my wallet) to see if I could smooth out just a scant trace [on certain recordings only] of a bit too much information. After reading a lot of opinions I decided to put the Magics on hold and give a try to the Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref 2's and see if that might help. They're on their way to me as we speak but I'll need another week+ to break them in before I can fairly assess if they were a good choice or not. If not, there's always talk about the cardas and I might try the Magics, as first planned. BTW, the Pro-9 speaker cables are pretty remarkable in that they will transfer pretty much all the detail but somehow manage to instill a smoothness in the mix AND do it while throwing a deep and wide soundstage if the recording/rest of system can carry it. Good luck & happy Lissn'n.
I used the Pro Silway 3 for some time, and finally concluded it sounded a little strange and disjointed, with a slightly bright top end. The best way I can describe it is that the music just didnt seem to integrate top to bottom. Thats in my set up, and I am sure it can be excellent elswhere. I settled on Nordost Heimdall for now, which seems to fill out the missing density in the midrange, and make the highs more natural. Removed a little brightness but kept the sparkle. I know this isnt what you would expect from Nordost, but the Heimdall appears to be warmer than what I would have expected from Nordost.
If you have serious brightness, I would look at the components, not the cables.