Go Ahead and Laugh at Me

The last thing I need to do is screw up a brand new power supply that goes to a CD transport. But the manual doesn't specifically tell me. Online hits about voltage selector switches don't specify it either.

If you push the selector in one direction it reads 230V. Push it the other way and it reads 115V. So do I want the number in the window or do I want to move the selector toward the desired voltage? I mean, geez... 🙁

Let me guess, Topping power supply? You want to see the number in the window. I took a wild shot at it, and it worked. still works.

You want the number in the window reading the voltage corresponding to your country’s voltage.

I hate that. I have problems with stupid designs that are ambiguous. I would find that ambiguous as well. Stupid design, not a stupid question.

I'm not laughing because the rocker switch with the line and circle have stymied me more than once.


That type of voltage switch is used on lots of equipment. 

It measly changes the taps on the transformer. It's designed to visually show you what the device is set to by just looking at it. 

Doesn't anybody beta test anything anymore?  I know, it's expensive and time consuming.........and works!


I'm not laughing because the rocker switch with the line and circle have stymied me more than once.

Same here!

Thanks to all. I was SAFE and not SORRY! The number 115 in the window and good to go. No, not Topping. This was a Nu Prime CDT9 with the Nu Prime LPS-212 power supply.

And Larry5729... I posted this while WAITING for the retailer to return my call.

You want to see the number 115 v if in North America 

that being said if you put on 230 v it just would not work the dual voltage windings 

are looking for 230 v 

in reverse if you were in Europe and plugged in at 115 v you may fry a board for you would be getting 2 x as much voltage , depending too what you had for safety inside ,if you had a thermister it would heat up and trip the circuit open  if the fuse didnot , if just a fuse you could fry the board.

Fortunately here in the USA since we’re at 115V (really around 125V now days) so even if you set it wrong it won’t damage the equipment.  It just won’t work.

Now if you’re in a 220V country and you set it to 115V and plug it in your screwed!