Goin nuts deciding which Scout upgrade

OK, I might have enough cash (1,000.00)to get my Scout upgraded in Feb.,,But going loony trying to decide which upgrade to go with,might be the only upgrade ill be able to do for awhile!Im kinda thinking the Scoutmaster might be the one.My thinking being to build a strong foundation in which all future upgrades will really be able to shine!I would love to hear your thoughts on this!Thanks,Ray
Talk to Bob at Elusive Disc, He works with Scout produts ALOT! www.elusivedisc.com Just give him a call and tell him Dave sent you.
The scoutmaster is a very nice upgrade and you'll be able to get the ring later. But if it will be a long time before you upgrade more, I think I'd put the Signature arm at the top of the list.. at least the wiring upgrade.
Also, you'll come out ahead if you sell the Scout rather than trade it in, even minus the tonearm. I sold mine for over $800 on ebay.
Both the Scout and the Scoutmaster really benefit from the addition of a motor controller. The VPI SDS is around 1000.00, and the Walker Precision Motor Controller http://www.walkeraudio.com around 1700.00 (with the Valid Points and Discs). Stable speed and ease of switching between 45 and 33 made a big difference in both the Scout and Scoutmaster in my system.
The upgrade to the JMW Signature arm is probably the way to go (700.00 with the trade of your stock arm). The differences between the two arms are not subtle. Be prepared to wait a bit for a Signature arm though. VPI seems to be a bit behind in meeting the demand. In addition, the 300.00 you'll have left over from the arm upgrade will make for nice seed money toward a motor controller.
Hi Ray,Good directions from Slipknot.Before I purchased my Scoutmaster I listened to one with just the sts and with out...I didnt blink at the added cost,just had to have it.I ended up buying the sts, centre weight and the ring as a packaged deal. Money well invested...The Nordost Valhalla wire up grade for the junction box and arm should be considered along with the sts.This should be a [stunning good upgrade] to your Scout,all for alittle more then your budget.It was the Scout that reintroduced me back to vinyl,a truly great table and a fabulous bang for the buck,like Supratek...I just sent my arm and box down to VPI to be traded on the new arm and wire, really looking foreward to it.Slipknot,How much better is the new arm and wire? Ray,good luck and good listening...
Six weeks and holding, awaiting the new siggy arm. Sent Sheila a check for the upgrade, she told me to hold onto my arm until they ship me the new one. Good thing too. Other wise, I would be six weeks so far without my TT. Me thinks VPI may be a victim of their own success, a bit backlogged on getting arms out...
It took me almost 3 months to get the complete arm. They sent the wand and junction box first, then antiskate about a month after that, and the base a couple weeks later. I was able to get a pretty good idea of each part of the upgrade. It will be well worth the wait, and hopefully not as long.
Hi Slipknot,Ray cant go wrong with the suggestions above,even going for a Scoutmaster...Hes got some thinkn to do.I took my arm and box to my dealer, he placed an order for a HRX and asked for both orders to be shipped same time in the same box...Will see if that happens.Anyway I dont mine the wait.
I have a couple months to decide!Stiltskin, looking forward to hearing your thoughts when you recieve the Sig. arm.Jamnperry,the sig. arm made a big impression with you.Slipknot ,youve been a great source of info for me since day one in your Scout upgrade journey,Dave, i will give Bob a call,,would i be correct in thinking the arm upgrade would also be a better match with my light wt. ZYX R20 Cart. ? Thanks guys ,this sure is a big help!Anything else you can think of will be appreciated ,Ray
Sell the Scout and buy a turntable on which you can mount a serious tonearm. The JMW-9, modified or not, is holding you back from some real opportunities.
Do have any experience with ANY of the equipment you bash in these threads? Or are you just a dysfunctional troll?
You seem to have pretty strong opinions on everything, yet you don't have the cajones to post your own rig.
Step up to the plate, show the group where your rigid perspective on gear is coming from, or shut up. I for one am sick and tired of you invading every thread with negative commentary.
Hey, guys, great advice to Raytheprinter here. Ray I think whether you do the tonearm upgrade, or the Scout-Scoutmaster upgrade, or the addition of a motor controller, you'll not regret any of these. I've just one thought to enter into the conversation:

Slipknot, the Scout-Scoutmaster upgrade in your system was, to me, simply a stunning improvement in resolution, bass authority and soundstaging. I just wonder if you've gotten so used to hearing those improvements that you're underestimating them now? I'm also wondering if those improvements in the foundatational turntable itself, plus the motor controller, may be what's allowing you to so appreciate the improvements with the Signature tonearm upgrade?
I moved up from the Scout jmw9 to the Aries 2ext./jmw12.5, and I got much more of a sonic upgrade from adding the SDS. Not that the new table didn't help, but if it's a solid foundation
you're after, start with the SDS.

Also, you might look carefully at new upgrade vs. used costs. It may be financially beneficial to sell your scout and buy a used scoutmaster.

One man's opinion.
Hi Ray and Rushton, Well put Rushton. Ray dont let this decision your about to make eat away at you.Take your time and think it out,it will come to you.
Great input guys,thanks!I think i am letting this eat at me,,,Rushton,good food for thought! I think that this will answer itself in time if i am patient,please feel free to add to this thread,Thanks again
I think what has happened in my turntable journey, is that the sum of the parts has created a synergy. Each tweak, upgrade, addition has served to enhance the fine properties of the stock table. The Signature tonearm with the Nordost wiring is still breaking in, but I think it's biggest change has been in fleshing out detail in recordings. Folks who are contemplating moving up from the stock Scout need to keep in mind that the S-SM upgrade is about 900.00, the JMW9-9 Sig upgrade adds another 700.00, the addition of the VPI SDS is another 1000.00 (In my case after auditioning both the SDS and the Walker Motor Controller, I went with the Walker at 1500.00). After all is said and done, the Scoutmaster Signature with a motor controller will put your cash outlay at roughly what the cost of an Aries 2 from VPI will cost. Anyone contemplating this should try to log some time listening to both tables to determine their personal preferance. A tough call to be sure given the fact that the tables have the same design philosophy behind them.
Hello Slipknot,As always i value your input!You have a good point about the Aries 2,the reason im going with the Scout upgrades is the fact that i can do it a bit at a time,which works out for me financially.I wouldnt think there would be much of a diff. between the Walker Motor Controller and the VPI SDS,but you were able to audition both ,and heard an improvement with the Walker,and felt the extra 500.00 was worth it,and thats good enough for me!Im sure in a couple years time ill have most of the upgrades done,and be a very happy camper,man ,id love to hear your system one day!Ray
One reason im going with the Sig arm,it will be a better match for my ZYX R20 which is fairly light,and id like to keep this cart.All the other improvements to the Sig. sealed the deal! I will probably be asking the same question around this time next year,,,but have one less choice to worry about,,,,,,thanks again guys,Ray
I think you'll be really happy with the arm upgrade. As another who has spent far too much time ;-) hanging out w/both Slipknot1 & Rushton, it was really interesting to hear the transformation as Slipknot made his upgrades.
To my ears, the Walker vs. SDS was a good choice. I did the same when I recently bought my TNT6-HR. However, in your spot, I'd guess that the Scout-Scoutmaster upgrade will be your next move. Then the motor controller. At that point, cartridges will be on your mind. Crazy hobby, huh? Cheers,