Gordon Lightfoot Tribute

No he did not die, but he has been very sick the last year or so. I have been a fan since the 70's and have often been impressed with his insiteful lyrics and quality music. I know his songs are not for everyone, but I like them! He is a talented writer and musician.

I have seen him several times in concert, and he told some of my friends that we would get together for dinner before his next show here. I think that he and the band liked our enthusiasm during the concert. We had the whole front row and half of the second row. I was looking forward to that, but as things look, perhaps it is not to be. He stopped the concert to autograph an album for me!!! He didn't have to do that, but he cares about the people in the seats. I don't often get that sense from concerts I attend.

There was a Gordon Lightfoot tribute LP released recently with lots of good tracks on it. Give it a listen!

Hey Gordon, thanks for the good times!
Gordon Lightfoot is wonderful. I've enjoyed listening to his many songs over the years. I wish him well. (Another great artist is Harry Chapin. He was awarded a Congressional gold medal, a very high honor.) I'll spin one of their albums shortly!
Nice idea for a thread. Have fond memories of listening to Lightfoot during college years. Your favorite songs? I'd have to list "Summer Side of Life," "Cold on the Shoulder," "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald," and, a particular favorite, "Don Quixote." Time to check out those great songs again!
Didn't know Canada's 'poet laureate' was ill. I really only dig his early output on the UA label during the 60's, and I don't 'do' tribute albums regardless, but I do wish him well, and thank Nate for the thread.
Bob Dylan is a big fan also.
I don't think a performing songwriter can get a bigger tribute than that.
Gordon Lightfoot is one of the few early "outof synch" records I had in my collection. Back several years, when ALL I was listening to was alternative and punk, I still had "Gord's Gold" volumes 1 & 2 in my LP collection.

I'm sorry to hear he is ill. A great talent, with a unique voice, and lyrically great as well.

Can someone post the specifics of the tribute LP ? I may try a search later, but don't have time right now.


Todd - chams_uk
I have enjoyed his music for years also, having heard him in concert back in the 60s. He really enjoyed himself while performing onstage, and that came across to the audience. Our folk group in college and my harmony group now do a number of his songs, they adapt easily to harmonization, are great tunes and audiences like them a lot. I too am terribly sorry to hear he's ill.
Gordon is an excellent songwriter and performer that I have enjoyed for many years. Even though many of his hits have been played a million times it seems, they still sound good. He has the kind of timeless style that doesn't go out of fashion, and most of his recordings are done quite well, sonically. I think everyone should have some Gordon Lightfoot in their collections.
i didn't realize he was sick either.his music transcended politics,religion and social class.he was a true advocate for the common man and their true feelings.there was hardly any song that you couldn't identify with,especially the emotional aspect of it.
get well gord,the world can't afford to lose the likes of you.you can't be replaced.
Gee keep us informed on his illness. I recently bought his DVD and he looked a little bit under the weather there but I wrote it off to age. His music is timeless, one of the great storytellers to emerge in our time. Another canadian that I place in the same catagory is Bruce Cockburn. He has made references to GL as an influence. But a great treasure he is to music world.
He's a Canadian icon and I'm sure many of us (Canadians, that is) were a little taken aback by his illness last year. I think we often take our cultural and political icons for granted. Anyway, a quick "google" yielded the following links:



Check it out for some news for Lightfoot fans.

http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20031010.wlight1010/BNStory/Front/?query=lightfoot is the link to the most recent story I read. This was what prompted the thread.
Some of my favorite tracks are:
It's worth believin'
Sit down young stranger
Saturday cloths
In a windowpane
Oh, Linda
Go-Go Round
Whispers of the North
I can't think of anything he did that I really dislike! How many people are there about which a person could say that!?!
There's a song on "Gord's Gold" album which was called I believe, "Affair on 5th Ave.," which was wonderful. (This song was omitted on the CD version.) So many great songs!
Sad to hear that he's ill. I was fortunate to hear him at Ravinia Park, a beautiful outdoor concert area north of Chicago, quite a few years ago.

I rank the MSFL Sundown as one of my alltime favorite LPs and I still can't get enough of Seven Island Suite and Is There Anyone Home.

His down to earth lyrics are incredibly compelling.
I've always said, if I could only listen to one artist it would be Gordon Lightfoot, I will keep him in my prayers.
I just heard yesterday that Gordon Lightfoot is on the road again. That's great news since he was on the verge of death not that long ago. His voice isn't as strong as when he was a young man, but his last show in my little town was really fun. See him if you get a chance!

Thanks for bringing the good thoughts of Gordon to mind.

I second all the preceding good words, and positive thoughts about Mr. Lightfoot!

Saw him in concert twice, have most all his music on LP, and also on CD. My family equates his music with vacationing on the Blue Ridge Parkway (as we’ve done numerous times). At least in our minds, his melodies seem to correlate with the rhythms of driving on curvy, hilly, very scenic byways.

If memory serves me correct, I recall a Best Recording of the Month being assessed by Stereo Review to Gord’s Sundown album. Accompanying the article was a glowing review of his song writing talents. The author termed Gordon one of the last great troubadours, and that moniker certainly fits both the man, and his wonderful talent for story telling!

While many of his tunes are favorites, I’m especially fond of Canadian Railroad Trilogy, Beautiful, and Second Cup of Coffee, and the Don Quixote Album in particular.

Also notable, is that much of his music has been mastered quite well.

Here’s wishing you well Gordon……..