Great integrated amps with narrow depth under 12 inches?

Trying to upgrade my NAD C352 2x80 watts amp into something... well, better. The NAD isn't known for lots of details, and with my Gallo Strada speakers, it's probably a significant bottleneck. As for power it's probably enough.

But the depth of some of these amps are killing me! Unfortunately for WAF reasons the amp must stay in the TV bench and 12 inches is the absolute max depth.

Suggestions? Build-in DAC would be a plus, as would room correction (that's probably asking too much?)
I do not know the exact dimensions, but the previous version of Linn amplifiers (ie., Klout) are modest in size.
Thanks I'll check it out. I'm also looking at the NuPrime IDA-8. With 2x100 watts it should be slightly more powerful than the NAD, though I'm concerned they are not being very conservative considering the small size of this thing. 
Can you cut out the back of the cabinet?  I hate to see someone choose such an important piece based on dimensions, but understand the WAF issue.  Good luck.  

Oh, and an actual suggestion:  I keep hearing good things about the Belles Aria and from photos it looks rather shallow.  Check it out. 
see if a Creek will fit

you just add the Ruby DAC module (DIY) and you have a very nice piece of equipment
The Nuprime stuff is excellent and in fact because of design has plenty of power. It will bring things alive in a natural way and will have excellent base control. I think they have a 30 day audition. I have the Reference 20's now and had the Reference 9 monos before. Very different (better) than all other Class D that I have tried
The Bells Area is unfortunately too large, albeit only by a bit. As is the Hegel. But thanks for all the suggestions everyone! Still considering the Nuprime. Also considering keeping the amp and getting a miniDSP with Dirac Live instead. Of course that's upgrading the sound in a completely different way, but still. 
Thanks for the tip, the Bel Canto should fit. I must admit I have no knowledge of this brand, but I guess I should start reading reviews etc. What sound characteristics would you say the 5i have? And does it do well at lover volumes?
Carlings, you've found the Nad lacks with detail?  Have you ever experimented with replacing the preamp jumpers?  When I did this on my C326BEE, added highs gave more resolution.  I've also owned the C372 and found it laid back, but I never replaced the jumpers on that one.  But the detail available with the 326 is actually pretty good for a budget integrated amp, though I've got upgraded speaker and RCA cables as well.

If you have some extra  good quality rca cables, it might be worth a try. 
For me the parasound zamp v3 bested the nuprime Ida 8, I even compared in my place with the nuprime 10, more power but maybe too clean, close to artificial sound, the parasound is a bit on the warm side
April Music Aura Vita was a 6Moons award winner and it'll fit.

I had one of these and liked it quite a lot. At the time I had the exact same space limitation.
Rega amps are pretty shallow., I had a similar situation tried several. Had a Creek crap out, had the Bel Canto, loved the Rega Elicit 
Love my creek 5350 se,but can't recommend as the selector switch is crapping out and the transformer buzzes. Maybe at 14 years old I shouldn't complain...

I would try a 30 day home trial of the Nuprime IDA8 through NuPrime or one of its authorized internet dealers and, if you have a local dealer, the Hegel H80. There also may be some authorized Hegel dealers that would give you a similar 30 day trial.These are both great amps with built in DACs, with similar super quiet backgrounds, great detail and bass control, but different personalities. They also both sound bigger than their specs.
@213runnin, no I'm not disappointed with the C352 per se, but reading around, a lack of resolution seems to be a common complaint so I figure this would be a natural upgrade path as my speakers should be the strongest component at this point.

Thanks for the suggestion, I might replace the preamp jumpers with an RCA cable.

As I mentioned previously, I have the Hegel H80 and finally measured it- I don't think it will fit, once you hook up RCAs and speaker wire. I also have the NAD D3020. It is a giant killer- excellent detail, smooth with black background. I did not compare the NuPrime directly to the NAD, I was comparing it to the Hegel. I would say the IDA-8 has all of the strengths of the NAD but a significantly more robust bottom end and even more detail and openness. Again considering the price difference, I'd try to arrange a couple of inhome trials- buy them from reputable authorized outlets with a good return policy.

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I'm using one of these Audio Sector gain's very nice!
I prefer it to the 47 Labs Shigaraki it replaced, but that is also a fine, small amplifier.

I know this is an old forum - but anyone looking for an Unbelievable
Value in audio with a 12" deep box should seriously consider the JOB INT.
Good power and a plethora of plusses - JOB WILL DISCONTINUE SHIPPING AS OF THIS MONTH END 7/19.  I am thoroughly impressed and pleased with the one I have - look up other forums about this product as well as MHOs expressed, AND READ THE 6 MOONS review. THIS COULD BE ONE OF THE AUDIO BARGAINS OF A LIFETIME. FYI - get it while you can...