Handling Heavy Amps

There are several amps I’m interested in possibly purchasing but I’m dissuaded because of their weight. I’ve had lower back issues so I need to be careful. I live alone. Even if my wife was still alive she would not have been able to help much. Also Children live far. I see that many of you have these 60-100 pound behemoths and I wonder how do you manage. If I buy from my dealer he’ll load it in my SUV. However when I get home it will be difficult to get it out and onto the garage floor where I can place it on my handcart. Then when I get it next to my rack I need to maneuver it out of the box and up onto the rack. I guess I would need to see if my dealer would deliver it and place it on the rack. Probably for a fee. So that may work. But then if I need to paint, move furniture, resell the unit whatever I would need help. I think I can handle up to 40lbs. So how do you handle these amps? Is it a concern for you?  I’m spoiled by my Benchmark 12 lb AHB2. It’s also the reason I’ve been investigating Class D amps. 


By some Rowland class d monoblocks and call it a day. I have the old 501’s and they sound really good compared to my old class A krell. 
I’m not lifting 100lb amps anymore. 37 yrs as a carpenter and though I’m strong , my back just can’t take awkward lifting. Lift and twist and I’m out for 2 weeks. Go class D. The sound is great. 

We can recommend a pair of class a mono blocks that are stunning sounding musical yet transparent

Eelectrocompaniet Aw400 new 14 used 7k a pair


we can say they sound amazing 55lbs each so they are not too hard to move

Dave and Troy

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I’m old.  I’ve had back surgery.  I did not let those considerations get in the way of moving Klipsch LaScalas up a set of stairs by myself.  Nor was I daunted by a Mac 130lb beast hoisted up into a pickup, out again, and up said stairs.  Ingenuity helped; using RaceRamp mechanics mats proved invaluable.  They slide over any surface and have a handle.  A dolly cart is helpful.  Beer dangled in front of a neighbor or buddy can be highly effective.  Point is, where there is a will …..

Since lower back pain is already an issue, please avoid aggravating it further. Perhaps a local electrician could install it for you? It would be a little costly but your back will thank you…..