Harbeth 7es3 with Simaudio i-1

Has anyone paired the Harbeth 7es3 with the Simaudio i-1 integrated? Was it a good match? I know the Harbeths are usually paired with other English gear with much success such as LFD, Naim, Rega, Exposure etc.
Any feed back would be appreciated.
I've heard harbeths with alot of different components and have found them to be one of the least picky speakers as far sounding good with different gear. of course (i would think) the better the gear you use the better they will sound.
I had a Simaudio i5.3 paired up with a pair of Harbeth SHL5s. I eventually sold the Sim and ended up with an Exposure 2010S integrated. I find it a better combination. I found the Sim a bit bright sounding for my tastes
I do have a bright room thus I am looking for a warm amp. I know the LFD is regarded as the best match but it is twice the price of the Simaudio.
Alan Shaw says any good 50 watt amp is all thats needed; however, based on the feedback on the blogs most people do seem to recommend LFD, Naim, Rega, Exposure etc.
It is not possible for me to listen to any of these combinations in Miami so I am greatful for your feedback.
Thanks again.
If you have a bright room and are looking for a warm amp, Simaudio would be very low on my list. The Exposure amp will likely give you good bang for your buck... also suggest you consider Plinius integrateds as they error on the warm side of neutral.
Sim and Plini are more on the neutral side of things. That wouldn't be much help on bright room.
I think its worthwhile to save up for LFD. Its really a synergy with the Harbeths. Well worth it. Am looking forward to getting my unit.
If you dont mind tubes, the Manleys have been a great match with my harbeths. maybe a Stingray?
Thanks guys, looks like I am leaning more towards the Exposure 2010s especially since it is now available in black. Maybe in the future I can always upgrade to one of the more expensive integrateds mentioned above if the sound difference is justified.