Having difficulty installing Grado cartridge on a Rega turntable

I'm trying to install a new Grado Sonata 2 cartridge on my Rega RP3 turntable. I'm replacing the Grado Sonata 1 cartridge which was installed by the dealer who is now inaccessible. I understand Rega and Grado are somewhat incompatible. I'm having all sorts of problems installing the new cartridge and need help. It doesn't behave like the old one.
Does anyone know of a Rega service person in the Long Island, New York area?
In Living Stereo2 Great Jones Street(between Broadway and Lafayette)New York, NY 10012
They do Rega and Grado.
Audioden is in Lake Grove.  If one's a p-mount a the other is not, you need something...
stringreen4,146 posts12-28-2016 5:25amwhat is (are) the problem? just curious.
@stringreen ,

Sometime people can be born with 2 same hands either 2 left ones or 2 right ones. Either way, that makes it more than twice as difficult to apply all kinesthetic or hands on activities even having the fact that there are more than plenty of youtube videos on how to set-up and hook-up cartridge to non-sophisticated tonearm. 


After checking proper angle, anti-skating, proper stylus pressure and leveling the surface on which the turntable is standing, an oddity occurs.
At the end of a record the tonearm shoots toward the middle of the disc and sometimes on to the label.
Also, there is evidence of mistracking
Make sure the arm isn't hitting something in its travels, binding on something....sure sounds mechanical to me.
I found the problem

The stylus is bent off center.  I'll have to return it.

Thank you for all your replies.

Rega arms and grado  cartridges are not incompatible. I'm not sure where you heard that one.

But whatever you have going on is something totally diferent.

rvpiano I found the problem

The stylus is bent off center.  I'll have to return it.
You probably mean that the cantilever is bent, not the stylus. Either way, this doesn't sound like the cause of your problem, but rather  damage that occurred during the install as a result of it.
cleeds makes a great point, I know I have in the past had carts that their cantilever are a bit askew and I just set the cart where the cantilever is straight not the cart body. Sounds more to be a glitch in the antiskateing set up.
there are much more variables on sliding over the label at the end of playback:

1. horizontally leveled turntable position
2. anti-skate
3. VTF

seems like it's already been done LOTS of trial/error and indeed professional help is desirable to stop 'torturing' cartridge, arm and records.

I had a Grado Sonata that I was quite happy with, now I've got a Grado Master with my Rega, and I couldn't be more satisfied.

Good luck.
" The stylus is bent off center.  I'll have to return it."

Bent how? What exactly are you seeing? (There's a reason I'm asking.)
Not sure about Rega but American Audiophile in Lynbrook is familiar with Grado.