Headphones .......... Huh?

I'm an old geezer. Have probably bought $250,000 worth of amps, pre-pros, speakers in the last 50 years. I mention that only to contrast it with the $150 I spent on bluetooth headphones, that sound better than anything I've ever heard. How is this possible?

Less than $100 for the wireless headphones. About $30 for the round bluetooth thingy I plug into the headphone jack on my tv. Call up Tidal on my Amazon Fire-thing and play one of my playlists.

I'm hearing details from this low end streaming mess, than I have ever heard over my systems. I have several hundred CDs, and those songs are most of the stuff on my playlists. So I've heard them many times. But, never like this!

Is this just a matter of me never using headphones previously? If so, I've been missing out.

The headphones aren't comfortable, so I can only listen a few hours, but it's totally worth it.

Thinking about placing some thick cloth over the cups to make it easier on the ears.

Who'd a thunk it!

Kind regards!
Now that you've had a taste when your ready to FEAST get yourself a pair of HiFiMan "Deva" w/BT Module..Superb sound & comfort for $300.00,like having a Magnaplanar speaker on your head...
LOL, They can sound good, even really good. 

The best has never been a headset for me. I've used some TOP TOP TOP of the line hand made open ribbon, and plannar, WAY south of 5 grand, stuff. Sure was impressive.

I know he was at the 100,000.00 mark with just headphone gear and headphone setups. One pair of monitors in the whole 6,000 SF house..

VMPS, 626s, with planars, man like his planar, ribbon stuff.. I did too.

One sweet spot for company... :-), really no sub anywhere.


I picked up a used pair of Sennheiser Momentum headphones to wear while mowing the lawn.  I wasn't expecting much, especially since I have an extensive collection of headphones and headphone amps, some costing thousands of dollars. 

I was really surprised at how well the noise cancelling technology works.  I can barely hear the mower with the music at a moderate volume.  I was also surprised to hear details that I hadn't noticed before in songs that I'm familiar with.  They have an artificial quality to them that I think would get tiresome for serious listening sessions, but for some music on the go, they're really quite good.  All for $125.
Its true....I just got a pair of Grado GR10E in ear phones that are plugged into a 200 dollar Sony Walkman music player.....better than my multi-Thousand dollar system. I hear instruments that I didn't know were on the record....clarity, bass extension, ...its all there.
Thanks to all for the confirmations! And to you freediver for the rec!

Kind regards!
Room acoustics. 

Do this experiment.  Sit 2' from your speakers and listen to the detail there.

The difference in detail from 2' to 10' away is your room acoustics and speaker dispersion pattern.

If you find yourself much happier at 2' than 10', give GIK Acoustics a call.
Headphones tend to scale better in price-to-performance than speakers. This is especially true today; as headphones have become the more popular way to enjoy music.

Room treatment - deflections from sharp surfaces in particular can be detrimental to sound quality.

May I ask which bluetooth headphones you bought? I'm curious now.

If you want bluetooth headphones but without limitations, check these out. https://www.audio-technica.com/en-ca/ath-dsr9bt

I used to have them, and holy smokes. When you play CD quality files it actually sounds like your source is a CD player. The tech they use with these headphones is impressive.