Help me make the best arm-cartridge matches

I need to call on the expertise of the Audiogon analog gurus. I've recently ordered a Simon Yorke System 7 turntable with dual armboards and Koetsu Jade Platinum and Decca London Reference cartridges. The table comes with one Simon Yorke tonearm, but I'm unsure what second tonearm to purchase. Furthermore, what cartridge should I mount on which tonearm? I appreciate your help.
I've been told that the Schroeder Reference, w/ the Jan Allaerts cartridge is a Monster. So much so that, it will make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end! at least this was a strong suggestion from a very reliable, and well known audio reviewer (name withheld, something to do with the witness relocation program) when I asked the same question re: updating my Verdier La Platine. I just never took the plunge... the $ was a big concern. At least look into it.
Given your unfortunate circumstances, I'd be inclined to try something like a Kuzma air bearing arm. But that's just me. :)

Best of luck to you,

Dear Thsalmon : I don't know the SY tonearm characteristics but I read that it is a very good tonearm. I think that the manufacturer is the right place to have an advice about. Second tonearm?: why not another SY.

Regards and enjoy the music.
Raul - I agree but, unfortunately, Simon Yorke doesn't sell separate tonearms (ASAIK).

THSALMON: Oh my, what misery! You've just acquired one of the best TTs available.

You should add a Schroeder of choice (the Ref is good but expensive). In which case, most likely the Koetsu goes on the Yorke & the Decca on the Schroeder.

Most of all, just enjoy! Buy music before you purchase the extra tonearm!
Not knowing what sort of sound you prefer means that our recommendations will be more about what we like than about what you'd like.

It's also hard to choose an arm that will compare well with the SY yet give you somethng different, since most of us have never heard the SY.

Can you help us out with either of those?
I'm not that familiar with the S7, but it might be a good idea to get something fairly different. The S7 arm has fairly basic adjustments (non calibrated) so a Schroeder Ref. would be a good alternative, and keep it all clean looking. Alternatively a Kuzma Airline for another take, but its more cumbersome and has a few maintenance issues. For sheer simplicity and no maintenance, an SME V with Kondo wiring and bridge removed is also an excellent performer.
Thanks for the responses. I purchased the two different cartridges due o their different sonic characteristics (I like variety). From what I had read previously, the Decca cartridge does best on a damped unipivot arm and is very sensitive to VTA and VTF. I understand the S7 arm is a unipivot, but I don't know if it is damped in any way. I guess I'm wondering about two things: 1) I should put the Decca on the S7 or on another unipivot such as a Graham that is more easily adjustable, and 2) How does the Koetsu do on unipivots in general and the S7 in particular.
Dear Thsalmon: I insist, a little, that the manufacturers ( tonearm and cartridges ) must be your first advise step.
The second step should be your own experience: with your SY working with both cartridges and " see " which one ( maybe both, we don't know yet ) makes a better SY match ( here it does not matters if the SY tonearm is or is not a damped one or if it is unipivot or not ). Ovbiously that for test this second step you have to have a music reproduction reference fromm both cartridges for you can find what you are looking for.

The third step could be to try in other tonearms and here there are several options, from the Moerch to the Schroeder or Kuzma and other like: SME, Brinckman, Phantom, Audiocraft, Ikeda, Triplanar, La Luce, Naim, Pluto, Linn, etc, etc...

Regards and enjoy the music.
Buy the Schroeder and Allaerts. I use mine on a Platine Verdier with GT Audio Battery PSU. I also have Deccas, albeit much older ones - an original Garrott Brothers Gold and a Maroon. The Allaerts MC1B just destroys my deccas - shame as I have been very fond of them for over 20 years.

If money is no object, buy a Schroeder Reference or SQ (special quality) and an Allaerts MC2 Finish or Formula 1. The good thing is that if you don't have the money, you've got a 6 month wait to save up after you've placed your order!
I waitied for more than a year for a Schroeder Reference SQ. I just cancelled the order. Prepare to wait till you die for a Schroeder...
For the Decca, Ken Kessler has stated he has used the Decca in a SME V to very good results and also the VPI 12.5 tonearm with dampening (the 12.6 no longer has dampening capabilities!?)Raul has also recommended the Ikeda in another post on 12" Tonearms....
Thsalmon don't buy anything recommended here unless you hear it on your SY table. Cart/arm/matching is very hard to predict. Add to this that certain products become fashionable - more because they are different than a genuine step forward. Plus, not everyone here pays attention to and values the same characteristics.

FWIW I heard GT Audio's Schroeder Ref/Allaerts recently and found it strident and fatiguing. But then I'm happy to trust my own ears and I don't believe that there's rarely a correlation between component price and listening pleasure.

I think the Schroeder looks beautiful, however I've never been fully convinced that it handles amplified music as well as acoustic genres.

The S7 tonearm is a unipivot so I would suggest you start with your Decca mounted on that. Your second arm therefore should be gimballed and the obvious contender is the Triplanar VII for ultimate adjustability.

My other shortlist nominations, based on engineering quality/design integrity are the Breur Type 8 Dynavector DV507 MkII and Ikeda IT-345. I don't like the SMEs too much - I think they overdo bass when mounted non-SME tables, the wiring isn't the finest and I have doubts about cast arm tubes - I think rolled tubes sound better. YMMV.

I have had a DV507 Mk II in my system over the last month and it's a beautiful piece to use - it doesn't get in the way of the music, although it doesn't do 3D imaging (but my room is acoustically treated to minimise HF reflections anyway). It doesn't have the air of a Schroeder but I could live with its compromises more readily.

Also try the KJP in the S7 arm too and if it's synergistic I would suggest you leave it there and add a Hadcock arm for your Decca. Not the sexiest or most expensive component but guaranteed to sing with a Decca fitted.

You have an excellent system and the credentials to be able to have your choice of tonearm on home trial, so again, don't buy what you haven't heard.
It is a shame that you had to cancel your Schroder Reference SQ. I also waited quite a while, but it was more than worth the wait.
If you have a chance to reverse your order cancellation, I would encourage you to do so. The arm is nothing short of spectacular.
Best of Luck,
I am pretty sure you will enjoy your London. It has nothing to do with the old Deccas. What you need or should consider to get is a FR-66s. It not only matches the London perfectly and you are owning one of the best arms ever made, you are also able to use different cartridges due to the SME shell. I would not go for a Schroeder in your case.
Thuchan, a good response is a good response, even if it is four years after the original question was asked!

ups Bob, you are right - should look up the date of the last comment next time. Thanks for sharing