Help needed: speakers for desktop

After having recently combined my high end two channel system with a home theatre set up, I am now left with trying to do something in my study via a desk top using a Mac-itunes. I currently use the benchmark USB DAC-headphone amp and a variety of headphones which is great but also want just be able to play via speakers.

The other thing is I have amplification leftover from the merger of two systems which I love to the max. The DartZeel pre and pwer amps. I aint gonna get rid of them, nor am I sure how to use them in the combined home theatre set up in the living room. The study room set up requires nearfield listening ( while I sit at the desk) with the speakers pretty much on the desk or right by them, close to the wall. The Darts, I know are obviously and absolutely overkill for this system, but I am saving them for the future when I can take advantage of the incredible capabilities some day. But in the meantime it would be nice to incorporate them in this system, even if the speakers cant take full advantage of them, as they are great and I avoid buying more amplification, both dollar-wise and not yet another box.

So its a matter finding speakers. Some of the speakers I had been thinking of include the Tannoy Autograph Minis, Anthony Gallo A Diva T, Proac Tabelletes, etc...perhaps in a satellite and small sub configuration, perhaps not...

Am I on the right path? Any thoughts or suggestions?
Hi Henry,

For the system you envision, my first impulse would be to go with a high efficiency speaker along the lines of a small Omega or, perhaps, the Zu Credenza.

However, with the Darts at your disposal, the choice is really wide open. The ProAcs Tablette Ref 8s would be a great choice for what you have in mind. I believe that the Focus Audio FS-688 or 68SE would serve you well too - I've got the 688s and they thrive with high quality SS.

Some other's I'd suggest base, primarily, on your comments re: size/space above . . . Usher BE-718s (perhaps a tad big as a desktop though), Micropure Kotaros, Mark and Daniel's.

So, to answer your question, in my opinion, you're on the right track. Given the Darts as a foundation and, adding something akin to a small REL / Velodyne for the lowest octaves, you will have a 2.1 rig that one could easily live with as a primary system.

Garry there any speaker that performs particularily well from such a nearfield enviroment? the Ushers I thought about seem a bit big....the Kotaros and M&Ds look interesting and will check them out.
I have used a small (the smallest,I don't remember the model name/number) pair of Opera speakers for just what you are talking about. They were wonderful in the mids & highs, but you will need a sub if you want to move the pencils around on your desk. :~)

I use ERA Design 5's on my desk. They fit nicely and I choose them over B&W 805's because the 805's are just too big. Check out the ERA's. Feed then with a good source and amp and you are all set.
..just today I got via E-mail, a magazine called Playback. This is published by "The Absolute Sound" and "Perfect Vision". In the current issue they review quite a few desktop speakers.
Thanks for all the help. I decided against using the Darts. So decided to go after speakers more geared towards desktop multi media, auditioned a few (thanks Stingreen) and got the Dynaudio multimedia powered speakers....and also got their smaller sub which they advertise a match. I come home to set things up and find out they need a pre-amp...they do have a senisitivity switch but its not enough to driven directly by my Benchmark USB Dac which I have connected to my Apple computer (using Apple lossless codec in iTunes). Thus I ended up using the Dart pre after all. The sound is very good indeed, and more than enough for listening music in this environment when at my desk in the study. However another issue is that I assumed the sub would be be connected to the powered speakers but no....they have no sub out. Nor does my Darts. Not sure what to do....perhaps return the sub. In the end this aint a long term solution. I will still try to figure out to integrate my beloved Darts into my all in one home theatre-main 2 channel system, at which point I plan to upgrade the Benchmark to their new UBS DAC/Preamp...but that still leaves the sub out unless you guys have any suggestions.
I figured out how to use the sub stupidity really. The Dynaudio 250 sub receives full range analogue signal and I then they in turn are connected to Dynaudio MC15s with a 80 Hz cut off which are set at both ends. Sounds great! Now just gotta find something to replace the Dart pre..perhaps upgrade the Benchmark to their new USB DAC/pre and keep things simple. Things are looking up.