Help selling Krell 700 CX

Good day,

I’m very new to these forums as I was directed here due to the high end nature of the units we have,…

My wife’s father passed on, and he has a lot of stereo equipment made by Krell, I’ve look on the web, and can’t find a lot out there in that lineup for sale.

Could anyone jump in here, and give me a heads up on how to actually price them fairly ?


pre amp 

Theta system 

Thank you in advance 


@terrror  Contact me at and I'll be glad to help you price these and advise you on selling the gear on Audiogon.  :)      

Thank you,

I replied to your email about assisting with pricing, and sale,

I left my cellphone number if it’s easier to chat first,….

You can look up, I see a few fpb 700cx for sale from ca 6 to 8k usd. You should be able to get at good price for it. I sold a fpb 600 some years ago and it was not difficult to sell for a good price (same with other krell amps i've owned). So maybe I would try 8k usd, even if maybe you dont get more than 6-7.

HiFi shark is also a good resource.    There has never been a better time to sell gear.    I just traded a CJ preamp toward a new component,   I got all the money for it, $1500.... in less than 24 hours it was resold for $1750.

High quality gear shouldn't be tough to sell with 6 month and longer lead times that most mfg are experiencing.    

Sorry for your loss, good luck with sale.

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