Herron VTPH-2A phono preamp owner's advice.

Okay members, I couldn't stand the suspense any longer. I had to find out for myself if the stellar reviews on the VTPH-2A are overblown or indeed honest. I ordered a unit yesterday and it is on Herron's schedule to be built. Hopefully I'll see it sooner rather than later. Anyways, the question I have deals with tubes. I've never owned any tube equipment, only solid state. Does anyone have a clue as to how long the stock tubes should last? I know that folks will want me to tube roll and there will be tons of advice on which tubes to purchase. I plan on following the advice from Herron and simply stay with the stock tubes.
You should experience very long life from the tubes provided with your Herron, say in the neighborhood of 2,000 to 10,000 hours short of an unforseen tube failure. Congratulations on your purchase and please let us all know your impressions after you get it broke in, this phono stage is also on my short list as I am running an Allnic H1500 SE ll that is getting long in the tooth and will cost twice that of the Herron even with a deep discount. 
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I'm a little excited about getting the unit. The reviews are as good as I've ever seen on any audio component. I may like it even if it's awful. The power of suggestion  =)
It's replacing a Simaudio Moon Neo 310LP. I have no gripes against the unit that I'm using, I'm just hoping to experience a few of the finer things while I'm still alive. I'm thinking that the VTPH-2A along with my AT-ART9 MC cartridge should qualify as "finer things", at least as it pertains to music.
The Herron is truly outstanding, and Keith Herron provides unparalleled customer service. I use the stock tubes that he very carefully tests and matches. Congrats!
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You obviously own the VTPH-2A. If you'd like to offer up more on your experience with the unit, I'm all ears (pun intended). I do want to be a little surprised the first time I put it to use, but like a kid seeing unopened  Christmas  presents, I'd like a hint before Christmas morning.
Prof--congrats on the Herron purchase. I think you will enjoy. Keith is very careful about tube selection for his units so you can expect a lots of hours of musical enjoyment. I've never seriously considered rolling tubes on my unit since it sounds just the way Keith designed it to sound with the stock tubes--which is to say like music. Should you have any trouble with tubes (or anything else--or even just a question about how to get the best out of the unit) Keith will be right there for you. Have fun!
It's good to know that no owners have stepped forward to complain about the VTPH-2A. In a time where people gripe about every little thing, that says a lot. It costs more than I paid for my entire first stereo system 45 years ago, but I'm worth a little more now too. I'm confident that the purchase will add quality to my listening experience.
There's no opportunity for me to audition equipment from anywhere locally. Where I live, bears and coyotes are my neighbors (that's the truth!). The alternative has been to turn to this forum for advice on my last few purchases. Folks have been honest and advice has been pretty much spot on every time I humble myself to ask. I hope the people in the Audiogon community stay decent, thoughtful, and engaged. It's valuable.
I also own the VTPH2 (not the "a") and have had it for several years. It is a fantastic phono stage and better than anything else I have used in recent years, including the Moon 310LP and the Fosgate Signature v2. Very neutral, detailed, revealing and with plenty of PRAT.

I just packed all my Naim gear for service/upgrades, so I thought to contact Keith about what is changed in the "a." He plans to call me tomorrow to discuss upgrading my unit to "a" spec. When I bought it originally, he personally delivered and set it up in my system (he lives/works a few miles away).
@dwette Do it. Get the "A" upgrade. The differences are NOT subtle.

I also live close, not as close as you (other side of the river).  Keith has been an asset to my listening enjoyment for over 20 years.
@bpoletti Done. I got the VTPH-2a back last week. Keith was reasonable on price and fast on turnaround.

What are you using for tubes? I had been using Genelex Gold Lions, but after the upgrade I decided to restore the original tunes Keith supplied. It turns out the AX7s are bad so I got a set of Electro-Harmonix AX7 for 1/3 that Keith suggested work well. I have his original AT7s in 2/4/5, but thinking about rolling for a warmer sound maybe (Mullard 4024, ?). I'm using a Clearaudio Concerto V2 cartridge, currently loaded at 47K.
Meanwhile, I'll leave the tubes I have in as is for a while. Everything needs to break in again first. My Naim 282/HCDR/250DR all went through DR upgrades and re-cap service, so it all needs to break in again.

I use only the tubes provided by Keith.  I have not found the need to use anything different.  I keep in touch with Keith and he lets me know if he has found something better.  I get my VTPH-2a to him for the change. When he works on a unit, it includes a listening session to make sure all is OK. 

I have never even had the case open for a look.
@bpoletti thank you for the feedback. 
Keith also encourages me to keep them as is, at least until the unit is broken in [again] (I agree with that). Sometimes I like to try different things, then I settle on something and usually do nothing else to my system for years.
I am breaking in a VTPH-2A that just got a few tweaks (full upgrade previously completed and broken in).  Minor changes but I can hear the unit breaking in again.  It just takes a little time.  I'm using stock tubes and grinning ear-to-ear.    
I, too, have a new VTPH-2A, and am rediscovering my extensive LP collection....frankly, never expected to be this excited!! Kudos to Keith!!
I loaned my buddy my VTPH-2A and my 45 SET. He's totally smitten and I am totally jonesing... Wednesday can't come soon enough 😩
The Herron is truly outstanding, and Keith Herron provides unparalleled customer service. I use the stock tubes that he very carefully tests and matches. Congrats!

Before the Herron, I had a Parasound JC3jr into a Herron VSTP-3A(r02) pre amp.  It sounded really good, until I heard the Herron.  That combination is music to my ears.  

I also have a BHK.  The Herron output impedance does not pair well with the BHK input impedence.  Taking Keith's advice, I have the VSTP in between the two.  The sound is much better, but still doesn't quite equal the Herron/Herron sound. 

I'd like to point out that I purchased the VSTP used on agon, and Keith was still willing to help me.

Congrats on your purchase.  I'm sure you will be quite satii
I sold my VTPH-2a recently, not because I didn't like it. It think it's the best value for the money and punches very well above its weight. I only sold mine because I have a top shelf Naim 'Classics' system and decided to match it with the Naim SuperLine phonostage, with the intention to upgrade to the full-monty $13 configuration.

What's also amazing is how well it held its value. I had mine for 6 years and sold it for about 75-80% of what I had into it (including the 2a update). 

Keith and I remain friends anyway. 🙂