Hifi Rose RS150B

I had been using the Luxman D03X as the DAC running it into Luxman Preamp/Amp (595ASE Preout/M10X Amp) combo and it’s been wonderful. Yesterday I brought home the Hifi Rose RS150B and hooked up to it’s USB port and running it’s balanced out into the Luxman Amp/Preamp combo.. Guys, I have to say, I am getting closer and closer to Audio Nirvana.. Its a wonderful streamer/DAC, now I have to take it back to the dealer and wait for my ordered unit.. Just wanted to share my experience..


Congrats. My only fear with the HIFI Rose is for $5k you are in the Lumin T2 area of price. With the HFR bells and whistles (screens, etc), is the audio portion compromised a bit to keep cost In line? I would love a comparison

@aberyclark I have the Lumin D2 and between the two I prefer the hifi rose. I find the rose more musical with more dynamics and bit of boost on the bass without losing the high frequency response. Also I go of my memory on the Gold Note DS10 that I use to have and it was not anything that I can be super excited compared to the Rose.. I am trading in the Lumin D2

If it's better than the D2, then it's at least on par with the T2 which is a good thing. Keep us posted as it breaks in more :)

I've been eye balling this piece for a while as well. It looks stunning. As with everyone else, I'm curious to know how much the cost is for the light show.

I have a Hegel H390, using the internal DAC. I'm itching to upgrade to an external DAC. Would it be worth the jump?

I've had the Hifi Rose RS150B for a few weeks now. I like the different options it provides with the Filter, I chose to stay with the Minimum Phase slow roll off filter. It's balanced out audio is stunning paired with the Luxman 595ASE. The VU meters, I find it tacky.. So I don't use them. Even from a distance you can tell it's a display and I just don't care for that. The display for the songs is nice and clean. I thought I might have trouble navigating the different features. But surprisingly it's very intuitive and easy..

I had the 150B for about a month and sent it back. Not because it was crap or anything, rather, I would use but 20% of it's capabilities so the extra cost wasn't worth it to me. I posted a thread in the Digital section that's more in depth.

If I was coming from a Bluesound or Sonos then it would have made more sense due to the significant jump in performance but vs. my Auralic it came down to how I would use it. 

I hope you enjoy it!

@sunshdw thank you!! I had a choice between the 150B and the Linn Selekt DSM Katalyst. I felt the user interface was more intuitive with the Rose. In you case, how well did it compare with the Auralic sonic performance? I'll check out the thread..