High gain hybrid circuit ss/tube MC phono stage

I'm looking for a high gain hybrid MC phono stage for low output MC cartridge. Stage must be ultra quiet and have gain upwards of 65db. I'm aware of Herron, but I'm not keen on having to deal with the 12volt tubes he uses. What else is out there??

Vacuumstate makes a full function pre that uses a solid state MC state and MM phono stage with 6922 tubes. Excellent user comments on that one. This would be my candidate for a new phono/line pre. Hopefully I will get to hear one soon.
How about the Manley Steelhead? It sounds exactly like what you want. Quiet, yet high gain, and very musical. Of course being a reference grade phono stage, it is a bit pricey @ $7,300, (at least that was the price the last time I checked).
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Currently I'm running a moded tube linestage(no intention on changing) and a ss phono stage. I've recently moded a "tube" cd player with superb results. Now my ss phono stage leaves me wanting more and I'm leaning towards the stand alone hybrid design.
I have used the K&K for some years. It is a tube /Jfet hybrid with Lundahl step ups. It is ultra quiet and has 3 MC gain levels, changed by resoldering the connectuions to the transformer. I use 63db gain. I think the highest is 68db, the companies site will tell you. I have heard nothing to match it at the price and I have heard a few,
Hi Reb 1208. Wondering what your reservation is with the tubes in the Herron? I'm in the same boat your are all tube based system with ss phono and the K&K and Herron are at the top of my list due to value for performance.
An EAR 834P would work and is very upgradeable. Perhaps you should consider if you want transformers or active gain in the pre-pre stage. An ancient debate.
Take a look at ModWright SWP 9.0SE. I have both the Herron and ModWright, both are excellent.