High quality equalizers

Considering with my hearing loss of high frequencies
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Thanks guys. Im going to start different discussion -- 'equalizers for hearing loss'. 
Did anyone notice that the Loki is called the Loki Mini+ on the Schitt website?  I don't remember it having the Mini+ in the name before, but it may have.  Maybe a second EQ is on the way?
Hey ptss,
Depends how fine a control you want.  The Shiit Loki gets high marks around here. If you want much better control, like in the 1/2 octave or better range consider a miniDSP as a very flexible option but it does have a learning curve.
While you will get naysayers, if you have hearing loss an EQ is a thousand times better than not having one to ensure you keep enjoying music.

You could also consider a speaker brand like Dali's which have pretty beefed up treble to begin with.

Thanks for the heads up, I had not heard/read that the Loki had been updated.  I think I will be placing an order for one soon. 

I was kind of hesitating thinking they might come up with another EQ with a few more features.  
I tried the Bellari EQ570 and the Schiit Loki.  I didn’t like the 20hz frequency that the Loki has for boosting the bass slightly.  After using both, I kept the Bellari and sent the Schiit back.  The Bellari has the bass boost @ 60hz instead of 20hz.   The Bellari is very silent and at under $120.00 is a steal. 
Jason Stoddard from Schiit posted this recently:

“Loki Max is completely insane. It’s really designed to take on the legendary equalizers of the past, up to and including the Cello Audio Palette, which cost $25,000…in 1989. It’s our shot at doing an equalizer that is comfortably part of the highest-end systems…for, say, about 10X Loki Mini’s cost.”

10x the price is $1299 range. No ETA. In the price range it is probably balanced. 16 inch width form factor I assume. 
One of the problems with hearing loss is that it's difficult to determine where you're trying to get to.  They can give you read-outs at the hearing-aid place, but if they adjusted the aids to that, it would be too painful to listen to.  (I.e., it takes time for your brain to adjust).   I don't put in my hearing aids at a concert (some people do); so how would I determine the precise sound I'm looking for at home?     (For some things, you can ask a simple question:  do I understand what people are saying?  like, those kids in the back of the classroom. And you can adjust your hearing aids such that you suddenly CAN understand them.  Trying to hear music, however--that's a completely different animal.)
I've been using a pair of Eargo hearing aids to compensate for my general hearing loss due to age and years in a loud workplace environment. Their top model (around $3000) is made specifically for hi-fi enthusiasts. There are 4 preprogramed volume levels and you can adjust the bass and treble response on one or both ears for each of the 4 programs. They also have preprogramed algorithms for such things as conversation, crowd, theatre venues, etc. Control everything with their ap on your phone. Totally invisible, FDA approved, and rechargeable. Made a big difference for me. Have very limited high frequency hearing. Worth looking into.

you could experiment also with devices such as a BBE or an aphex aural exciter, the latter has a midrange control that is good at boosting clarity of inner voices, plus a brilliance control on top and a big bottom" bass expander, as folks with presbycusis tend to lose bandwidth at both ends.  
Just picked one up from a Agoner in Michigan!  Couldn't recommend anything more.  Great for apartment living with limited speaker placement or hearing loss, et cetera

Connect-in before or after preamp ... couldn't discern notable difference; though I like it after so all sources can be adjusted.  Well made!!  You won't be sorry!
The Shiit LoKI mini + is the Las test by the company. You can adjust the highest and lowest settings by 6db and the two mids by 12db. At $149 it’s very reasonable. I use this for my phone setup since it is single ended and lets me micro adjust the Schiit Phono stage to get dialed into my system. My preamp has a loop function so I can turn it on and off as I please but it is really for records due to my TT setup is on the light side. Another option is a used older equalizer which has a lot more adjustments and some cool lights. My local shop I frequently shop at in the Chicagoland area has used equipment you can try before you buy. https://holmaudio.com/
It’s like the ultimate candy store. 
The Shiit LoKI mini + is the Las test by the company. You can adjust the highest and lowest settings by 6db and the two mids by 12db.
It's actually the other way around. 12db adjustment for the bass and treble and 6db adjustments for the two mid bands. 
A similar question also for hearing loss compensation  but does anyone know of an affordable EQ solution that has adjustable, 2 ch or Left vs Right?  My loss is more in one ear.  Wondering if best solution is simply 2 Lokis.  
Anyone have opinion on what something like an ART EQ341 might do for this application?  Seems popular in the mixing/studio realm but not sure what to expect for SQ in the audiophile world.   2 ch EQ, both balanced and unbalanced. Inexpensive at $150. Unfortunately I have 2 line sources but a passive multi input switching device is easy to find.  
It would seem to me that for an eq to be truly effective, it would need to allow the user to randomly select numerous frequencies and to be able to adjust slope. Perhaps a digital eq could provide better custom tailoring?
@erik_squires . I'm thinking more like a 24 band equalizer; something semi-pro or pro.... I'm paying for  a more detailed hearing test today.
I want tests at 40db,80,120,240,480,960,1500 and each 500db up to 7000. I'm also looking at the how many and where the center tuning frequencies of various aids are. A Phonak  Audeo B50-R for example has 12 center frequencies while 2 models above have 16 and 24 points of adjustment. 
I'm thinking more like a 24 band equalizer; something semi-pro or pro.... I'm paying for a more detailed hearing test today.

All those sliders and associated components are noisy and cheap.  You are far better with a parametric if you must go with an analog EQ

@akgwhiz. I  have tested and checked and made the decision to buy good hearing aids. Today bought Phonak Audeo B50- from a fellow who passed after buying them in late 2019. The package was $5000 Cdn. I bought from deceaseds brother for $600 cdn. As good an investment as I  ever made.  Still have 1.5 yr warranty and loss insurance from Phonak. Paid $500 cdn to adjyst to my ears  Beatiful !  Much better tgan buying new speakers! You find tgem in Craigslist. Okd folks are passing like flys :(  Enjoy getting ears checked. :)

I’m taking delivery tomorrow of a new Manley Massive Passive. This may be synergistic with the Purify 6.5" mid/woofers and matching Purify passive radiators in my modified Merlin VSMs. The Purify drivers deliver clean, albeit rolled off, LF into the 20hz region.  Reportedly they have ample headroom to play with.  I’ll find out how they tolerate an equalization boost of up to 20db!

A few hours into the Manley piece has me convinced.  Rich & concise and dead quiet, as a fine tubed unit must be for the studio.