Higher end value cables

Need some advice folks. I have a pretty good audio system which is, I think, worthy of good cables. Honestly, the blue jeans cables look great for their price, but my reading indicates that bjc is terrific for mid to lower fi gear. So, love the prices of the bjc, but one step up in price and quality might be just the ticket. I have 11 components total, so I cannot afford hundreds of dollars per cable! Advice so needed...thanks a bunch and happy holidays
How much can you afford ? Do you need RCAs or XLRs ? How long ? And what is your equipment ?
Cables are really difficult to recommend. Besides, do you want 'tone controls' cables or more neutral cables ?

1) PSB Imagine T3 speakers

2) Wells audio Innamorata power amplifier

3) Jolida Fusion Preamp level 1 modified

4) Simaudio moon neo 380d dac (non dsd version) https://www.soundstagehifi.com/index.php/equipment-reviews/644-simaudio-moon-neo-380d-digital-to-analog-converter

5) Musical surroundings nova phonomena phono preamp

6) PS Audio Perfectwave CD transport

7) Questyle 600i headphone amp/dac

8) Lumin D1 streamer

9) Melco N1A server

10) Project Xtension 10 turntable with superpack

11) Shunyata MPC-12a power conditioner

Was thinking of interconnects in the $60 to $125 range or so. Haven't figured the other details out yet, but just looking for a general brand(s) in that price range that gives good performance without charging my retirement
Audio Art Classic interconnects. I think, they are $100-$120 new for 1 meter pair. I tried them out of curiosity, excellent for the price, not harsh or bright, reasonably good balance and tone, good bass. If you get them just make sure to point arrows on the jacket in the right direction, they are very small and hard to see. Audio Art has 30 days return policy, as I remember. The cables require 170 hours of burning in time, they don't sound terrible brand new, by the way. I don't use mine, keep them just in case.
do you want ’tone controls’ cables or more neutral cables ?

Some cables alter the purity of the recording or add sonic characteristics such as warmth, extended or "rolled off" highs, or how the soundstage is presented. This may be done intentionally by the manufacturer to create a "house sound," or it may be due to the materials used in the construction of the cable.
Cables can be used like a tone control when the components don’t have good synergy, e.g., if a system sounds too lean or analytical, cables with a warmer sonic signature may be used to provide a full-bodied or smoother presentation.

A neutral cable provides a transparent and accurate presentation of the system’s sonics. The goal here is to present the recording as accurately as possible; the way the producer and engineer intended.

This includes interconnects, speaker cables, digital, and power cables.

Check out Cullen Cable. I'm very pleased with the sound, build and service from them. Excellent high value cables. 



Kimber PBJ should probably be on your list of possibles. $117 for a 1 meter pair of RCA interconnect.  Kimber makes a range of speaker Cable options in a similar style called 4TC, 8TC, and 12TC.

good luck!
I’ve been very satisfied with cables by Audio Sensibility in Canada.  They use mostly all OCC cooper and silver to make their cables.  I’ve had good results with Audio Art cables as well. 
For my amplifier - LAvardin IT - both types of DNM cables work very well - in fact I use and have some Nordost Heimdall 2's and I found that the DNM's gave a better sound with better flow and cogency.
I spoke to LAvardin on the premise I required cables longer than they manufactured and they recommended the cheapest Nordost cables - called 2 FLAT - they told me to save my money and not waste them on more expensive cables.
I came across some cables by a company called 'wire on wire' and in the set-up I heard them in they were good and very affordable.
There is another cable that I have used by a company called 'Missing Link' in the UK as well
If you know which aspects of sound reproduction are most important to you and/or know areas in your system you'd like to improve, read some reviews to see which cables seem to excel in those areas.  When you find one or two that seem interesting, just buy some used cables and give them a shot.  If not a big improvement over your BJC you can likely sell them at little or no loss and move on.  Some usual suspects would be Acoustic Zen, Audioquest, Synergistic, etc. 

Another route would be to try those manufacturers who sell direct and offer in-home trial periods.  Morrow, Triode Wire Labs, Grover Huffman, etc.

Hope this helps and best of luck. 
Definitely helps soix. I don't actually have any bjc cables. I know I like a tubey sound.  I love clarity, separation and details, but I also love that dead silent...inky sound. I love the sound of analog as well!
With their generous return policy, it costs you very little to audition Teo Audio’s Game Changer ICs. That is, unless you decide to keep them! ㋡

For the cost of postage ($15?) it is a worthwhile experiment.
Lots of good suggestions.  Call Steve at The Cable Co. and see what he recommends, as well.  They do have a lending library that will let you audition candidates at home.  

Wow, good advice. I have a tube jolida preamp, and a wells audio class a power amp that has an excellent tube sound. Anybody recommend interconnects that would compliment that approach?
Ah.  Sorry I misread your post.  So, just for reference and now that we know what you're looking for, what interconnects and speaker cables are you currently using?   It just helps to know what your current reference is to help make better recommendations. 

That said, in my experience you're looking for a tough combination of traits at that price point.  Off the top of my head and if I'm you, I'd demo some Morrow Audio MA2 interconnects and maybe also SP2 speaker cables.  You might be able to strike a deal with multiple cables as well and very low risk to demo on your system, which is invaluable.  I'd be surprised if you're disappointed, but if you try them make sure they're broken in before making any firm judgements.  Again, best of luck!
Thank you. Actually this is a brand new system for me and I need interconnects. I do however have tributaries speaker cables. I will look into these suggestions. It seems to me that for a tubey sound copper might be best, as I understand silver can brighten things up a bit
Great system!  Wells is at the top of my list if I ever feel the need for more power. 

If you use some components much more than others, it might be worth it to splurge on those connections (and skimp on the least used, at least temporarily).  Of course, if you're into DIY, then your budget will go much farther.

FWIW In MY system, I found entry-level Cardas to sound significantly better than Audioquest, Belden, Mogami & Wireworld, and not at all like what some reviews would have made me believe.  To me it's full, dynamic & detailed--the oft used term "laid-back" does not come to mind.

I'm not trying to suggest that it's therefore right for you, so much as it's definitely worth the time to try at least a few options out. Good luck!

Cerious Technologies Graphene Extreme is a great cable for the cost.
Check out my thread on the Cerious Technoligies cables.


Okay. Cardas and cerious technologies. Well, am looking for the best cable I can get for the money. Used cables for a better price will certainly help. Going to search now. Thank you, and yes, the wells is a great amp. Not sure what power you currently have...the wells is 150W per channel. Good power but not up there with a number of mono blocks and some other amps
I have a First Watt M2 (25 watts Class A no feedback) & Croft Micro 25 (tube preamp), but that's no guarantee what works for me would work in your system.  Nonetheless, here's a couple of cheaper Cardas options:

Cardas Crosslink (slightly warm)

KAB / CARDAS "SpiralAir" All Litz Coax  (more neutral, at least with the Eichmann bullets)

For used products, 
allows you to search multiple sites at once (including Audiogon).
Everybody has their own favorite.  I went with DH Labs silver Sonic BL-1 some time ago.  They work well for me, I diy speakers and cables and wanted something affordable that passed the signal fairly neutral and these fit the bill.  Wires are like french fries, there are a lot of good ones and some not so good but in there somewhere is your favorite.
How bout you list your gear/system details?

Find the replies to your query a bit odd considering that you have not done so.

DH labs look pretty good. Not sure what you mean by system details dekay, but I listed my system above. Thanks
+1 for DH Labs cables on a budget for sure.
Used them myself before upgrading.
One way to get a lot more cable for your money though is once you have semi decided what you might like to buy, go look for them used here or on eBay.
That way you get  a lot more bang for your buck.

For example if you had a budget of 125 for a pair of interconnects you most likely will get a used pair that originaly cost at least 250 for your 125.
And they should be nicely broken in to boot!

I have only ever bought one new pair of speaker cables in my life, and they ended up being returned...lol.
All my cables and subsequent upgrades have all been purchased used but not abused!

Good luck and welcome to the ever maddening group of "cableguys"
Thank you. It is a great club. Looks like DH Labs it is! More recommendations here for DH than other cables for a budget
Just remember that the sound will be as good as your weakest cable. I suggest going higher with at least your main source interconnects. Also, with better power cords interconnects suddenly start sounding better. Power cords on preamp and dac are often though not always most important. I think, $300-$500 new is where performance starts.
Okay, yes, I do have good power cords. Bought them from a good guy in Florida here. So....you are saying that my best interconnects should be outputting from my sources? And, best power cords into preamp and dac. I connected my best power cord to my wells power amp...but will switch. Thanks
Experimenting is always a good thing, but yes, to begin with I would put the best interconnects on the phono stage or dac. Sometimes, though it’s not clear which one is best, that’s it might be component dependent. Best for phono stage might not be best for dac, best power cord for dac might not be best for power amp.
I have a simpler system and it is easy to figure it out. Speaking of phono stages, you somehow would want to match the cable that goes from phono to preamp to your tonearm cable. I now have two very high level about equal performance different brands interconnects in the system, and one works slightly better with phono stage than another, and I believe it is because it matches better with tonearm cable.
Having had quite a few of the recommended cables mentioned so far,  Darwin cables were the first interconnect that were considerably better sounding in all ways than Morrow MA-3 & 4, Crimson, DNM,  Kimber PBJ, Magnan Type 2, Signal Cable to name a few.  The Darwin Silver ICs were my first Darwin, followed by the Ascension, and Ascension Plus.  The Ascension was better yet than the Silver and the Ascension Plus was even better yet.  I still have all 3 ICs which got replaced by Teo Game Changers ($500 each) that have a more organic sound but otherwise are similar sounding in detail, beautiful mids, transparency, great dynamics and bass.  The Darwin have a very simple, straight forward approach to building their wires, and they don't look too impressive, but the sound is WAY above their cost.  If you read up on them, there are many great reviews on their website.  The 2 Ascension ICs are 1 mtr. long with RCAs, and the Silver is 1/2 mtr. with RCAs.  The 3 sets I'd let go for $495 total.  It's a little over your budget but the sound is well beyond anything mentioned.  The 3 listed for over $1500 total.  They are about 4 years old.  I used these with a TRL DUDE, Nuforce Ref 9 V3 SE monos, Modwright 5400, West .30RDT SE phono, and VMPS RM40 BCSE speakers.

Obviously you need to do what you are comfortable with doing , but you have listed some quality electronics, not sure you are going to get the musicality they offer with $60 -100 cables
I am new to the list and starting out with high end audio.

rotel CD player 1572 with radio shack cables connected with RCA jacks and sound great for my ears. I am a classic rock fan.
Pioneer receiver. Vsx94thx hdmi
$100. Switch
PlayStation 4 hdmi.
Cable box hdmi
VCR/DVD combo RCA jacks from box
Oppo player. u203 hdmi
sonos connect amp for patio speakers
Looking too integrate sonos connect for interior audio only.
Pioneer kuro 5020fd

All controlled by control 4

Any opinions on this for someone starting out?

lower priced Transparent Audio,  Clear Day, previous generation Cerious Nano
Yes they are...lol
Its akin to chasing the rabbit down the hole.

It is definitely a lot more friendly to your wallet to be blissfully ignorant of what a change of cable can do for you!
I also have the DH Labs BL1, and it's a good interconnect for the money but not really what you're looking for sonically.  Although not absolute, I generally agree with your instinct to go with copper interconnects given your stated preferences.  Reviews of Morrow cables seemed to sync with what you're looking for sonically, which is why I recommended trying them, but Dorkwad preferred Darwin and Teo so they may be worth a good look too.  And yes, this is like opening Pandora's box, but it's a worthwhile effort that will be an interesting learning experience and reward you significantly in the long run.  And hey, wires are about the easiest components to ship and flip, so at least there's that.  Not to start a controversial sidetrack here, but I think you'll find those that say wires make no difference are, um, different.  Unfortunately in this hobby absolutely everything makes a difference.  In fact, ironically, this may be the ONLY absolute in audio.  Again, best of luck and enjoy the journey!  

I had been happy with AntiCables copper speaker cables until I tried a pair from Analysis Plus . Their patented geometry makes a difference and it's available in all their price ranges . They also make Pro Audio cables and have favorable reviews from a lot of professional musicians as seen on their website . Best prices on eBay , from authorized vendor(s) .Have not tried their other cables yet . Look at their Proof online !
Yeah I actually have watched that video. As I am looking at budget cables, I think I am right in line. I am not so sure that there is NO difference in interconnects between various levels of purchase and methodology. I do however believe that when it comes to speaker cables there probably isn't that much, if any difference. Many articles support this. I have been told by the cable company that in budget cables analysis plus and DH labs are as good as it gets...with DH labs getting the nod between the two
This guy has it right.....

His suggestions for Kimber & T worked for me.  Just upgrade to the equivalent ( updated) if the post is too old


Contact Jason Terpstra @ jason.terpstra@gmail.com for Virtue Audio NIrvana cables best for the money. NOT as good IMHO but also good for the money is Mogami Gold. 
Anticables should be on your list I feel. I use only their cables except for ethernet which they don't make.  I have their reference level electrum cables which may be a bit above your budget. Perhaps you could get something used at the reference level or try out their lower level ones. If you buy from them directly they offer a 30 day home trial.  Service is superb.  And a 50% trade in value for upgrades if you want to trade up.  I can say that their reference electrum cables easily bested more expensive cables in my experience, and are said to be as good as nearly any available and much cheaper to boot.  
Prefacing the comment I am about to make below to state that I am not affiliated with the person/company, but I have used their interconnects

There is a current auction for a Gabriel Gold Refection V2 which I expect can be won at a very good price - this is by far better than any cable that has been recommended to you thus far. 
Morrow Audio makes good cables. Priced from about $60.00 to $3,000.00. I used to have the MA4 RCA between my Bryston integrated and Oppo 105. It was a good match. I thought they were a little better than the Gabriel Gold Reflection V2 I was using.