Home ripping to flac

In my morphing hifi journey I have gone from vinyl records to cd’s and now streaming. I have 500 or so cd’s that I want to rip to flac files.  I’m looking for a player/gizmo that plays and rips with the ability to output to an external drive that I can load the files onto a Lumin L1. 

In the past I have used a service that rips but want to be able to rip in house and  maybe play a CD a few times a year. In other words the CD playing doesn’t have to be anything more than functional. 

I don’t want to rip with a CD drive into a computer….That’s to slow and a PIA for me.

I would be greatful for recommendations as to what to get. TIA

There are a number of music servers with cd drives for ripping CDs.  Innuos and Aurender are a couple off the top of my head.  How much do you want to spend?

Maybe speed should be a factor too? The Astell & Kern AK CD Ripper MKII Seems slow?
Astell & Kern AK CD Ripper MKII Seems slow?

You can only control this from an Astrell & Kern music player is that what you are planning one using? 
If you are good with a PC , there is no better than Jriver Mediacenter .I would rip in uncompressed .wav.
Jriver gives you literally all options or format types for ripping and playing.
It gives you album art ,lets you categorize , make playlists sort ot search by Genre , artist , etc.etc.
You can tell it where to rip(store ) all of the files and you can use as many drives as you want . I use external USB drives personally . I have a 6Tbyte and a 4Tbyte drive .
I also highly recommend Backblaze or similar to backup all of them.
Well, i just saw that you said you do not want to use pc. JRiver makes it easy though.
"Astell & Kern AK CD Ripper MKII Seems slow? You can only control this from an Astrell & Kern music player is that what you are planning one using?" 

Shows what I don't know. I will not be using one. No.

  Ive seen people had good luck with the Bluesound vault not sure you can play CDs on it but once they're ripped to it you're good to go. 
dBpoweramp pretty easy.
At least you can tag as you prefer.
Better databases than EAC
You'll need them for classical.
Free trial.
WMP in 10 finally does flac. Run as administrator if it gives you any crapola.
I can't justify getting another box to accomplish what I can already do.
And I highly doubt comparable results at that price point.

I wrote to BluOS and this is what I got back....so I will keep looking.

"Thank you for contacting the BluOS Support Crew.

1) It will not act as a CD player by itself. By itself it is a CD ripper. As you know it can play from the library to connected speakers.

2)Once ripped the artwork would remain intact even if you are transferring the music to an external storage device from the vault."

Take a look at the Brennan B2. It is primarily a ripper/vault, but can also act as a player too.

Brennan B2 will do Thx....also trying see about the Cocktail Audio CA-X40 as there's one for sale here.

I checked out dbpoweramp but I’m a Mac user with a laptop that doesn’t  have a cd drive. Using an external drive is way to dang slow. 
I’ve ripped seventy disks so far. If the database doesn’t have info then you have the manually input disk/track names. A PIA

Set up on B2 ok. Ripping worked but no CD info until after software updated. Then Bam.

Step one is to get on WIFi then an update and it was off and ripping.
Rip times around 8 minutes.

3-4 stars for using. 5 for value.