How do you change the battery in an ARC LS28 remote?

I've done searches on the Internet and have emailed ARC twice with no reply. The website says the faceplate is held on by magnets. There are no screws. How do I get in this remote? Thanks


I was looking into upgrading my remote for my Ref 6 se   I do have that metal one but was kinda liking the upgraded one. Maybe not so sure now. Lol. 

The inset is really tight so no fingernails and I don't understand how dental floss could be of help? Using a magnet might work. I'm sure there is some simple proper way to open it up if I can just figure it out or hopefully someone on this forum might know and help me out.

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Get a small suction cup and place on bottom of face plate on the logo. Then pull up.

Dental Floss

start in a corner, at the tight joint. pull dental floss in there. it is thin and damn strong.

leave it there, do  another corner, then another, make a gap, pry it off..

Watch the absolute sound fremer tour of the factory

Forward to the part about the remotes

You will see how the pop out the faceplate







....I'm still waiting for the remote that operates the Real remote that controls all the other ones......all of which have different 'tastes' in battery.....😒

VPI's Unipivot Arms simply lift off.


Connection: the arm's mini DIN connector fits VPI's junction box

The arms come with a case

Visit Steve at VAS, he's got his collection of arms adjacent to his beloved VPI TT. I'll have to take a photo next time I go there. You might run out of pixels taking photos of all his toys.

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Joey-v is the man! And a great help from Elliot for posting. Around 38:20 mark.

It still didn't show them using the suction cup. You can see it on the bench. I'm telling you that face plate doesn't come out easy.

Actually it comes off really easily. I sent an email to the service center last night and they responded within the hour to tell me someone would get in touch soon to solve the problem. They did and the cover comes off with a little suction cup that was supplied with the remote. It just takes a second and it pops right off. Then you just change batteries reassemble and that's it. It takes about a minute. Great system.

I went up in the attic to retrieve the box and inside was the suction cup and instructions on how to change the battery. I never cease to amaze myself.....LOL

Dear Elliott

Summary: Hello Elliott,

The easiest way to open the remote control to access the battery is with a suction cup. We include one in the box with the remote control for convenience.

Thank you,

Kalvin Dahl
Audio Research Customer Service


Request sent to Audio Research Customer Support:

From Audio Research : First Name: elliott
Last Name: newcomb
Location: United States
Tel: 9083471377

Subject: how to replace battery in remote control

Message Body:
You say remote control top face plate is 'held on by magnets'.

How do you open it to change the battery?

thanks, Elliott

tonearm photos above got posted in the wrong discussion, I must have been delirious 

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A small strip of duct tape will do it as well. Really a very elegant design.


Takes CR2032 batteries.