How do you cope with dust build up ?

Over the years I am constantly battling dust build up. Although I dust with feather duster, there are places that you cannot get to unless you disconnect equipment and or move equipment ( in my case very difficult to do).
I'm pretty sure that the dust build-up is a major problem with equipment. It gets into the cases, on the drivers, on the connections.. pretty much everywhere.
What do most of you do about this?
My LP collection suffers same fate and it's in a cabinet..
Not a sealed cabinet however. Yes the Lp's are in sealed covers( mostly) but dust builds up on covers etc.
Any suggestions?
One very effective method I have found is the use of an ionic room purifier running 24/7 in my listening room. It has really reduced the amount of dust in my 23 x 17 room.

I use a clone of the well advertised Sharper Image unit. I paid less than half the cost and in the year it's been working in my room, it has significantly reduced dust and other air-borne particulates in the room.

The brand name I have been using is Ionic Pro...
I use two of the Sharper Image models in a dedicated music room plus I bought extra cleaning grids that I alternate every week to keep them in tip-top performance , You will be amazed how much junk these things accumulate plus the are dead silent . The reason I use Sharper Image is they are great with customer service after a year or so the units had started to make a little noise the guys at S.I. cheerfully exchange them for fresh units that alone was worth the upcharge of doing business with them
Ionic room purifiers are good for getting dust out of the air. They cause the dust particals to be bound to heavier particals and therefore drop to the ground. The dust stays on the floor, or in the carpet. They only remove dust.

NSA filters which employ carbon filters or HEPA filters remove dust, odors and mold, and can be bought much cheaper on Ebay.

About 95% of dust is dead skin, so the beest way to eliminate this is obvious...
I also use room air purifiers. But the best way to keep the dust build-up away is the day before the cleaning lady comes, I take a small air compresor into the room and blow the hell out of every component. It moves the dust to places where it can be vacuumed and dusted. I live in West Texas, I know dust like few others. We have dust storms where you can't see past 100 yards!
Is it true that ionic room purifiers are deleterious to speakers & rubber components? Thanks.
I use a couple of cans of 'caned air' a year to keep things tidy! Works great for hard to reach or very delicate areas.
I'm with Quincy. Compressed Canned Air.

And Treed- what's a "cleaning lady"? Is that the same thing my wife keeps wanting? :)
What about inside components? In the case of large solid-state amplifiers, the top of the component is usually a grille. I'm sure a fair share of dust has gotten in there.
Like Tfkaudio said what about inside components?
I've looked inside my pre-amp and the amount of dust build up was amazing. I blew most of it out but?
I don't live in a particualrly dusty climate and the I clean the room regularly. But, the build up is consistant and I wonder what the effect of dust on components/sound is?
I completely disassemble my system at least twice per year to thoroughly dust, clean, and clean the cable connections and terminals. The chrome tube amps get dusted and their chrome polished once a month or so. I also dust the rest of the system at that time. And I'm NOT even a neat FREAK! I thought we were all anal about our 9/10 AGS ratings? No?

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Well from reading all these posts, I can see you are all to fussy 4 me. Once there is a sufficient build up, the dust reflects as a nice glow from my 845's.--Free light show, you just have to wait. House cleaning made E-Z--101.
I always thought it would be a good idea to clean the inside of my Rotel RMB-1095 amp. I'm sure there's some dust buildup inside.

But then I'd have to pull it out of the rack. 88 lbs. Anyone want to help? I've ordered myself to avoid heavy lifting forever.

The latest (5/2005) Consumer Reports indicates that many ionic air purifiers produce unacceptable amounts of ozone. The Sharper Image's product was among the purifiers deemded unacceptable.
Yep, I wish I could use an ionic purifier, but you guys running two in small rooms are very likely damaging your lungs in the process. 

It’s common knowledge in the past decade that they produce ozone which is a lung irritant among other things. 
+1 “Swifters” !!!!!!!!!

Swifters can be slipped in those tight spaces between the top and bottom of your components and the equipment rack shelves; and will “grab” a very good percentage of the dust, and not just move it around. In between the cable morass behind your components and even between the exposed tubes in my monoblocs (powered down, of course).  Safe to gently remove dust from speaker cones. What I do is, with my other hand I run a hand-vac and hold it close to the places that I am “Swifting” to suck up any dust that the Swifter does not grab. Works great!
daveyf  ...

I have two of there in the house. Very effective and when running, keeps the air crystal clear ... and I live in a dust bowl surrounded by hills that are barren because of recent fires.