How long did you have to wait for Primaluna to deliver

Hi Guy's

Has anyone had to wait for a power amp to made and shipped for more then 3 month's?

I am in the UK ,and on the 1st September 2022 I ordered a new Primaluna Evo 400 power amp from my dealer, the following day I received a E-mail from him saying that there is not any new units in the country and that they hope to take delivery from Primaluna within 6 weeks. I do understand with the Covid lockdown we went through that manufacturers would take some time to get back and running again, but it seems that they are waiting on parts to be delivered to, I wonder if I will take delivery of my power amp before 1st September 2023.

Has anyone else had a long wait for any Hi-Fi gear ordered after Covid ?



There are plenty of different threads talking about waiting a long time for certain pieces of equipment. McIntosh is around a 4-6 month wait.   You could also check with Kevin Deal at Upscale Audio.  He is invested in Prima Luna. 

If this gives you an excuse to cancel and go with something else, I'd take it.

Hello! Who is your dealer if I may ask. You can contact me in private through Thanks.

@bigred71 , I feel your pain. Waiting 6+ weeks for a cartridge to be sent to me, via U.K distributor.

Look for a used one.

There’s never a shortage of PL’s on the used market for great prices. "Best" value buy-used PL’s.

In 2021 I purchased a Bryston 3B Cube. Took about 4 months for delivery. However both my dealer and James Tanner at Bryston indicated that it would be 3-4 months before delivery due to the parts shortage.

Hi Herman

As I have a good working relationship with my dealer and I do understand that his hands are tide and out of his control I don't want to say who they are, but I do believe that the main importer to the UK are, Absolute Sounds.

I bought a LSA VT-70 tube amp this summer and had to wait about two months for the next shipment to arrive in the US from the factory in China. Delays are still just part of life right now -- a single missing part means that the amp (or whatever) simply can't be built.

Current covid lockdowns may not be causing new problems, but there is still a lot of leftover mess hanging around -- the chip shortage, for example, is still playing catch-up.  $35 Raspberry Pi boards are still around $100 or more, for example. And, speaking of Schiit, I recently asked them about getting a Multibit card for my Lyr.  A few months ago they told me they were expecting them in December. That's date has now been reset to this summer.