How many of you had been to all 50 states of United States.

Most audiophiles enjoy staying at home with nice sound out of their system.

I had been to 39 states including Alaska and Hawaii.

I had not been to Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Kentucky, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana and Mississppi yet.

But I will go through North Carolina and South Carolina to audition the speakers next week.

So there will be only 9 states left.

Since I am a photographer, I can make excuse to visit those 9 states.

I wish to get Motor home and drive through all of them again except Hawaii some day.

It is not very practical to bring Motor home to Hawaii just for few days' trip.

It is not cold around Seattle during winter time.

But it rains too often.

I will visit Disney World in Florida with my family next Monday.

Then I will drive from Orlando to Charlotte, NC to audition the following speakers on 18th, Friday.

I consider driving this high efficiency speaker (105db/W) with my Silbatone 300B SET amp.

I will report my impression after serious audition at his showroom with 300B SET monoblocks.

I have been through or visited all of the lower 48 states.  My wife and I love long road trips and we have taken many.  I don't fly anymore as I do not like the way the airlines treat their customers.  They are treated more like cattle than people in todays world.  On a road trip, you see things that wouldn't ordinarily be seen and this is a beautiful country.  Never been to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico (US Possession).
@ stereo5

Wow you had been to 48 Conus states.

You shall visit Alaska and Hawaii someday although you may need to fly.

Actually you can drive to Alaska through Canada although it is a very long way.

I agree with you that you can see more through travelling on the road.
I've been to all except New Mexico, Hawaii, & Alaska. Most on a motorcycle (my other passion). 
@ boxer12

Why not to New Mexico?

It has a White Sand National Monument which is really beautiful.

It would be nice to cruise around Conus with bike.

I had been to Alaska twice to take beautiful photos of Northern Lights( Aurora). 

It was a quite experience.

I have been to all 50 states. There are some I could have lived without but I won't be saying in public which states fall into that category.
@ astewart8944

You are the first person to claim to had been to all 50 states.

I am happy to live at the suburb of Seattle except winter time.

It is really nice to stay here during summer time with not so hot temperature and not so humid either.

With the most economic electricity cost, this area is the most suitable for audiophile.
@ elrod

You are close!

I recommend you to visit Fairbanks of AK during winter time to see Aurora yourself.

It will be amazing experience.

Way back in '71 my band got hired to play in the Officers Club on the Navy base on Kodiak Island (at the southern tip of Alaska). We drove from San Jose to Seattle, and were flown from there to Kodiak in a Navy prop jet. Worst flight of my life! Lots of turbulence, almost lost my lunch. The only stipulation was the requirement of a girl singer, so we hired one just for that gig.

Unfortunately, the Navy accidently sent the band equipment the other direction, so the first night we ended up drinking all evening instead of performing. The eq showed up the next day, and we then had an open bar for a week :-) . The snow was up to the window sills in the officers barracks we were put up in, so we just stuck our beers in the snow, and reached out the window for a new can. Play four sets, go back to the rooms and play Poker and Hearts 'til dawn.

Kodiak has, they say, the highest number of bars per capita in all the U.S., and I believe it; a couple on every block. The locals fish six months out of the year, and drink the other six.


Interesting Episode in Kodiak, 48 years ago!

I had dropped in Anchorage three times on stopover.

But I had lot of fun around Fairbanks twice each staying in 8 days to take photo of aurora.

It is worthwhile to visit Alaska at least once in a life time.

I f you enjoyed taking photographs of the aurora you must search the web for my friend the Aurora Hunter.  Todd was a petroleum geologist and we worked together in Anchorage in the  80s.  He quit the job to become  a photographer focusing on the lights.  I thought he was crazy, but he has done very well and his photos are amazing.  BTW we saw the Dirt Band together in Anchorage to bring a little music into the conversation.
I'm at 49 missing only Alaska. Also been to Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Do those count?
I've at  least touched in every state save Arkansas .The most beautiful is Upstate NY , YES New York .
Worst looking is a matter of taste , but most 3rd world countries are better than Florida  IMO.

Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands are not formal state yet.

If you had never been to Alaska yet, I recommend either cruise during summer time or aurora hunting during winter.
Been to all 50 over the years; however, Arizona is my favorite. The topography ranges from the Sonoran Desert yo the mountains, while the Northern part contains the canyons carved by the Colorado and its tributaries. 
We have visited all 50 states over the years. One of our main reasons is to visit National Parks. Our goal is to visit all 60, so far we have been to 36 National Parks, many multiple times. As an avid photographer, I like to document the beautiful scenery, wildlife, and many trails in the National Parks via photos.

I agree with Schubert that upstate NY is beautiful, especially the Adirondacks which are great for camping, hiking, paddling, and skiing. The Finger Lakes are also beautiful with many wonderful wineries. 
Now, there’s a man with GOOD taste !The Hudson and Mohawk river valleys make the Rhine look bad . The Thousand Island area with the mighty St. Lawrence River draining
the entire Great Lakes , NY on one side and the greatest city in North America , Montreal , on the other is to die for !
And about a hundred other places unrivaled any where else in the world .Minnesota , where I live has ,more state owned land open to public than any other state . MN is FLAT . Second state is NY with 6 million acres is second and is NOT flat !
My wife and I are partial to the Colorado Rocky’s as we have been there 5 times.  The scenery is breathtaking and the mountains are big, not like the anthills in VT and NH. 
+1 on New Mexico 

White Sands, Carlsbad Caverns, and Bandelier are all must sees. 

41 states for me. 
I lived in Greenville SC for five years (1995 to 2000). It is a very nice area.  
Another +1 for New Mexico, The Land of Enchantment

Some of my favorite places; Santa Fe, Taos Pueblo, Gila Cliff Dwellings,  Chaco Canyon Pueblo ruins, Chimayo, Sandia Peak, Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

Great hiking in the Carson National Forest, Pecos Wilderness and Cibola National Forest.

And for all train buffs, the Cumbres and Toltec narrow gauge RR in Chama is a must. The scenery on the train ride to Osier through Cumbres Pass (10,000 ft elevation)  is spectacular.

I must have gone through Greenville SC to the way to Charlotte, NC,

It was nice area but rain poured cats and dogs.

If it had been cold, then I would have gut stuck.
Only 3 states for me. Will in the future travel all around the US on a motorbike or in a motor home. Not while we still have pets though. 
Wow our newest state, Appalachia.

As I said, I traveled to 48 states and come to the realization that this country is made up of regions than imaginary lines. NorCal is much different than SoCal. I am a Jersey transplant, only knew the 95 corridor, and would have never considered this state to be a great place to raise a family. Would never consider raising my family on the western side of Tennessee or the eastern side of Maryland/Virginia. That is why I stated the mountain range to be a great part of the US.