How many of you own an audiomods tonearm?

I received my series 6 arm a week ago and I'm stunned..
Jeff Spalding crafted something marvellous and I wonder how many more here have had the opportunity to try/ listen/ own one ?? ( what ever series)
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I have had the Audiomods Series 3, with the beadblast finish, one piece harness and Micrometer VTA, since 2013 and never looked back.

It is a perfect match for my Soundsmith modified Denon DL103 with additional fixing plate tweak

All mounted on my (slightly) modified 1982 Rega Planar 2

I currently run it with a Simaudio MOON LP5.3 RS phono stage.
But I think I could possibly upgrade to the 610 or even the 810 phono stage in the MOON lineup and this combo would keep pace with that upgrade

The very best value and performance of any component in my entire system.

It still impresses me to this day

A friend had the Series 5 on his SL-1200 and Jeff made a mounting plate to match the turntable exactly, making installation a breeze

The Series III - as shown on his site - looks like the Series V as it was when I purchased mine

The series 6 arms are something else - Jeff has up’d his game and definitely not let the grass grow under his feet. He continues to push the boundaries of arm design & technology, while producing first class products.

If you can find a "previously enjoyed" Audiomods Arm - go for it - they are built like a tank and will last a lifetime - and Jeff is certainly willing to provide any support you require.

Excellent service, truly exceptional product, stunning looks and so easy to install and setup

Regards - Steve

To make a short story,  I bought the fairly new 1200gr ,having an old 1200mk2 hoping this would be a step up .
And it was (kind of) , starting with the usual tweaks ( new silver litz tonearm wire from zavfino , furutech next gen silver rca ) that did wonders on the mk2 .. here not so much.  Hearing resonance at different frequencies first at low 50-60 hz, mending that with new feet ( spring suspension) . Next up I have some slight ringing around 300 hz occurring mostly after snaredrum and some tom sounds.. the quest begun,  it turns out that the new pivot technics made for the gr is in some polymer that resonate some frequencies as did the aluminium in the tube . 
Google is your friend ...
( tonearm upgrade 1200gr) 
Found Jeff in late Feb the rest is history! 
Cartridge is ZYX ultimate 4D 
And my old moon lp 5.3rs with external power supply (again) 
Oyaide 910 xlr 
ARC line stage
Shunyata alpha xlr 
Michi s5 
Chord signature xl spkr cables 
Dynaudio contour 60 speakers 
I bought the zyx last year as a Xmas gift to myself and it sounded okay , now it's shining . 
This is my first audiomods arm not my last . Paid around £1100 that would be some $1500-1600 not knowing the exact rate, PayPal took care of that..
I'm a very happy camper right now,  those 12 inch plastic discs never sounded better !!

New gear is always nice, but what's wrong with the stock GR tonearm ?
I owned ZYX, but it was premium 4D SB  

As stated above, it's just not good enough. 
What I'm saying is, it's not up to par with the rest of the turntable. 
If the mk2 tonearm would have fit I'd put that in the gr , because it's better.  Saying this because I compared ..
What surprised me is that the audiomods arm are so much better ! 
One simple test is let the arm rest in raised position ,turn up the volume 3/4 and tap gently with a pencil on arm / pivot/ base and listen .. 
I had resonance in tube and pivot and base .
Used no res for the turntable, cut thin stripes of cotton ( using the kind wife have for makeup removal) and put into tube . But for pivot and housing there was no good solution except for a new arm ..and I'm very glad that I found this.  Yeah it is almost the same cost as the complete turntable, but all g series were sold out and didn't want to wait knowing good and well there was room for improvement..
@iseland So do the classic 3 as well as the 6 all mount to the GR base? Are there other parts needed?
So in your opinion $100 mk2 tonearm with aluminum tube is better than new GR with magnesium tube ?

Build quality is .. 
It's all plastic on the gr .. the housing is a plastic can everything inside the can is more plastic, the pivot is plastic. 
All but the tube .. 
So yes the old mk2 tonearm is better! 
The platter and engine is way better on GR than mk2 .
@iseland ,

I use Audiomods Series V w/micrometer and silver wiring on my Sota Nova VI, along w/ Dynavector XX2mk2. It's pretty great, but if it wasn't 3 months turnaround(across the pond shipping twice) on upgrade to Series VI, I'd sure like to do the upgrade. The cost is very reasonable for both upgraders and new buyers. Cheers,