how to Implement a High Pass Filter in my setup

hi all , 
i would like to know what's the best way for me to limit full range signal going to my front speakers. 
and at the same time managing cross over on my two subs. 

in my setup where its source > Digital Coax > DAC > Pre Amp > Amp , i have read that this can be done with a high pass filter. 

i need the flexibility to be able to change the dAc or pre amp or amp depending on my future needs. 

the question i have are
should the cross over setting just be set on the subs themselves?
where does the sub plug into in this signal chain?
if using a high pass filter is the best solution - which one should i get ?

i read about using a hsu high pass filter but i saw that needs two pre outs on your pre amp or you have to use a y adaptor. 
in my case i have two subs so im not sure if i need a preamp with 2 or 3 outputs or if i daisy chain one sub off the other and just use a y adaptor on the preamp. 
hi all after some further research on audiogon forum i have come across a solution that i like, i've re-pasted it here rather than typing it outmyself. 

from mkgus:

 the best way I have found to do this is to grab the signal off your main speaker amplifier binding posts, after it has passed through the amplifier. Drop the voltage to line level and run that through a dedicated subwoofer preamplifier.

i would like to ask what are some recommendations for new or used subwoofer pre amps that i can use?  i have two subwoofers that i need to connect. does this mean i need a pre amp with dual outputs or can i just use a y adaptor ?

and how do i get the signal of the main amplifier binding posts as it is already being used to run the main speakers with banana plugs. do i just insert bare wire from the voltage divider ?

I'm absolutely not good with the idea of running the main speakers full range and grabbing the signal after the amp.  The benefits of limiting the output to the mains is too great.

Split the signal from the preamp, either using multiple outputs, which some preamps have, or a Y cable.

Put a capacitor right before the amp. You'll need to know the input impedance of your preamp and selected high pass frequency.  I suggest 80 Hz.
My preamp only has single outputs so I use a pair of this y-adapter on my preamp to feed the high pass filter going to the subwoofer!
This is the high pass filter that I have used!
I hope you aren't feeding the sub from a high pass filter! :)

I hope you mean that you send one through a high pass filter to your amp, and the other goes to your sub.
i have two svs pb13 ultra subwoofers, so if i split the signal at the pre amp , let's say i have only 1 port. 

can i use those a pair of those Yadaptors, run one into the HPF which then goes into the power amp. 
then the other port on the yadaptor, can that go into my sub and can i daisy chain my other sub off the first one?

do i then just set the cross over on the sub ?
do i then just set the cross over on the sub ?

Yes. It may help you to think of a crossover as having two components which are independent.  A high pass component, allowing high frequencies, and a low pass, allowing bass.  In this case they won't exist in the same device, but will work just the same.
Would the hsu Hpf work fine for me? It says I only have to select the two cross over frequencies I want it configured with does not ask me to select impedance .
Also I tried to read the manual for the sub but couldn’t find clear instructions on daisy chain can these subs definitely be daisy chained ?

Also I am still searching for the right pre amp / amp combo as well as looking at stereo integrated amps that have pre out / main in like the Nad c375bee or the wyred 4 sound sti500 that allow you to loop out and back in. With these ones can I put the yadaptors on and do the same thing and send one signals from hpf back into the amp and the other into the sub?
If you pre out and main in on an integrated amp you can do that. Why do you want to daisy chain?
if I only have one pre out and the run one pair of y adaptors that will give me two connections . So one will go to hpf and one to sub . But then how do I connect the other sub ? So I thought daisy chaining would be the only way 
The left channel from the pre amp goes to the left sub and the left channel from HPF will go to the left channel of amp. The right channel from the pre amp goes to the right sub and the right channel from HPF will go to the right channel of amp. BTW, that wyred 4 sound sti500 does not have pre out and in. These are the instructions for the high pass filter!
i was reading the manual for the wyred 4 sound unit and it states this:

A loop in/out feature is also on hand with the STI-v2 integrated amplifiers. In the setup menu, you can select the loopfeature to insert a digital crossover or similar devices into the audio path. When the loop feature is activated, Input 5becomes loop in, and the AUX out becomes loop out.

When the Loop out feature is used, Aux out becomes the loop out which will feed the connected components input,and Input 5 will become the loop in which will come from the output of the connected component. Please note: theloop in connectors are directly connected to the internal amplifiers as if the unit was a standalone amp with 27db ofgain. The loop out is controlled by the volume control, but the loop in is not. Make sure you have all connectionsmade properly to ensure no damage is made to your equipment

 thought this meant that aux out and input 5 essentially become the pre out and main in ? 
if i use the sub's high pass filter, does that mean i need to run from the pre amp to the sub then from sub to the amp ?

could you tell me how the connections would work doing this with having two subs though?
thanks, i had a read through and think i have a good understanding on how to do it. the part where im confused a bit is on the second sub....not sure on how this gets connected in the chain. 
Consider a miniDSP. I’m a recent convert and it’s very configurable, even for old people who’re hard of thinking.

Most subwoofers that have two individual Left and Right inputs have one labeled mono or LFE and it is usually the left one. Unless the manufacturer specifies otherwise, simply use the Left input.

Thanks I think I kept getting confused between sending a stereo signal to the sub and sending a mono . 
So essentially there’s two options use HPF on sub or use HSU’s one

Which way would be better? Yes, after I get this setup I would look at buying a minidsp and integrating that

Would a minidsp work with either setup ? 
I have used that HSU filter when the sub that I was using had no high pass filter. If you use the HSU you can place it near your amp and you will only need a short IC to connect it. You might want to run your speakers full range and see if you like it then you won't have to bother with any extra cables. BTW, I no nothing about DSP.
I’m kind of leaning towards the HSU filter myself, that way if I ever change out the subs to ones that don’t have a HPF, it will be an easy swap out.