How to polish Wilson Audio speaker

I've ordered a pair of very good conditioned WA Sophia 3 and I'll get it in next week.  May I know how to polish WA speaker?  Someone said use car soft max but someone said better to use piano wax.  Which is better?   

What about in normal period?   Just use 3M cloth or use wet cloth to wipe the speaker surface?

On the other hands, how to clean the drive?  By water? Use alcohol mixed with water? 

Personally, I’d contact the manufacturer and ask them what they suggest as a starting point. Then, with other comments people make you will have a good reference starting point to perhaps know if someone found a better product or not.

Novus Plastic Polish is a possibility but I don't know how it compairs to other products.
Your Wilson's should come with a micro fiber cloth.  Wilson recommends periodic wiping of the speakers using a horizontal wiping motion to avoid swirl marks.  You do not need to wax your speakers as they are not exposed to toxic environmental elements and sun like a car.  For finger prints etc, Wilson recommends a product called Plexus Plastic Cleaner which is safe for painted surfaces.
Dust lightly with Swiffer, then use a soft microfiber cloth and an auto detailing spray like Griot's Garage speed shine.  As stated above, clean in straight lines to avoid round swirl marks which are more visible. I believe Wilsons use automotive paint and you can find a lot of information in auto detailing videos, especially ones for dark cars.   
Here's what an account service manager from Wilson Audio had to say: 
Hi, Yes we use an automotive paint process, base coat/ clear coat. Anything safe to use on an automobile is safe to use on our speakers…
As you may surmise, there are some excellent detailing products out there for cars. Pick your favorite….I would be cautious with a powered polisher unless you know what you are doing, you may burn through the clear and base coat…
We use the 3m micro fiber cloth rags….I would use a rag that you’ve known to work well with automobiles as well.
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Plexus Plastic Cleaner or Meguiars Ultimate Polish works best, do 3 times a year and periodic microfiber cloth dusting.   If you have micro hairline scratches or hologram scratches it involves cutting, buffing and polishing by machine but be careful you don't want to burn through the clear coat.  Sophia 3 are amazing aren't they?  They seem to sound better scratch free ;-)
On all of the Wilson Audio Speakers that I have owned, including my current Ferrari Sebring Blue Sasha 2s, I've used Meguiar's Ultimate Polish & Ultimate Quik Detailer (when dusting), with Meguiar's Supreme Shine Microfiber Towel and it works great, leaves a deep-color high-gloss shine - highly recommended.
Wizards Shine Master.  A breathable polish and sealer that effortlessly wipes on and off, smells like cherries, shines like a mirror, and lasts years on my garaged motorcycles.  Plexus is good.  This stuff blows it away.
jmvs has offered the best solution. When buying used speakers, if the speakers were not cleaned properly (not using micro-fiber cloth to dust or clean) swirl marks may be present. To remove these, I have used Meguiar's Swirl Remover with light application, followed up with Meguiar's Ultimate Polish. The Quik Detailer is great in between waxing....just like your car.
This is an older thread, but I am sure that someone looks up this type of information every so often. Just like I did the other day. And would like to thank everyone for their suggestions. 

I recently got a pair of WATT Puppies 7, with light scratches on top. Moreover, while the general appearance was fine, the finish has - most probably - never been maintained.
Followed the advice in this thread and would like to confirm that the following worked for me, with great results!
- removed scratches using Meguiar's Ultimate Compound (applied, worked it in and wiped clean 3 times) 
- polished to a beautiful mirror look using Meguiar's Ultimate Polish.

Consulted with Maguire's over chat and confirmed that no waxing is necessary since the speakers are not exposed to the elements. And waxing will not protect from scratches. 

Based on other recommendations, will also get an Ultimate Quick Detailer to keep handy. 

I am in no way associated with Meguiar's, just reporting on what worked for me.  
After your happy with polishing I would use Mequiars Ultimate Liquid Car Wax. Absolutely non abrasive and will make dusting easier for a very extended period. 
I’ve spent thousands of hours polishing cars...
Novus plastic polish #2 works well to remove swirls and # 1 works well to polish. These have less chemicals than meguirs etc. and in my oppinion are better to use on speakers where you want to takecare around drivers.

Griots Speed shine is my go to, to maintain a nice reflective surface.  Remember than any dust will make swirls so wipe it off carefully with a damp cloth before doing any polishing.

For cleaning drivers, again a lightly damp cloth, no chemicals, no rubbing alcohol, and be gentle.  A soft paint brush works well also.
Just polish them with what you would polish your Ferrari with, which I don't have, do have Wilsons and polish them with what I polish my GMC with. Enjoy the music