i finally hit the "G" spot on my T/T

after all this time about reading about how imprtant VTA adjusment is, i finally hit the exact spot.& boy does she sing now..
Do you have a repeatable process by which you discovered it, or was it just a trial and error process? If you achieved it by some method, please share it with us.

Hifi, does your arm have "on the fly" VTA adjustments or was it a matter of trial and error with a lot of listening in between ? Can you mention what table / arm / cartridge you are using along with how you arrived at that setting ? I only ask so that others who may be struggling with a similar set-up can benefit from your experience. Sean
hi guys, i have a eurolab/morch DP-6/ crown jewel SE.
the VTA is not "on the fly".(but) i listen for a while, (week +) if i feel im getting too much or muddy bass or if its too trebley i will lower or raise the arm a bit.this time i got it perfect. the sound is neutral & the instruments & soundstage all became very focused. now i know when they say that when you hit the right spot you will realize it.
Hifi, also tighten the tube/arm on yr Morch -- it sometimes slackens with time. (DON'T touch VTA now you got it right:)!)
Congratulations on your find. Now all you have to do is play the same thickness records all the time and you will be in sonic heaven. All kidding aside, turntables are work and there is nothing like the sound of great vinyl. I can't wait to get back into it again with maybe a Redpoint TT with SME V arm with a Helikon cart but other needs are pressing. I just had to comment as when its good it is very good. Vinyl rules!

I believe that Mark Levinson's new book has pointers for hitting the G-spot.
What's the book called?What else does it cover.Wish I could rember what I did with my Hartley book but was of limited use in set up.Also years ago I had a college physic textbook which used pre-CD era Hifi to demonstrate concepts in physics.Wish i could find another copy but can't remeber title or author.
retrofitable device that allows for "on the fly" VTA adjustment. I'm not sure if it is available yet, but given how well the arms are engineered it's probably pretty damn cool.
Yes, it was a joke.

Levinson and his wife, the talented Kim Cattrall of Sex and the City, have a book out called Satisfaction, The Art of the Female Orgasm. I kid you not.
And as for turntables...well, I believe that hitting the G spot is more commonly a digital endeavor.