I hear the radio..... on my turntable... help

I can hear a radio transmission when I play my turntable.
Rega p25.
Any comments?
Good ole RFI. Do you have a ground wire running from your TT to the ground post on your preamp? Is your TT and preamp located near your windows? Many phono stages, in particular tube phono stages are very susceptable to RFI. This is true especially in urban areas. It may take multiple ground wires: One from the table to the pre, then from the pre to the ground screw on the electrical outlet, or from the pre to metal ground on your rack or cabinet.
Unplug all your components--I mean including RCA cables etc. Use cheater plugs on your preamp and amps. Plug all of them back in. There should be a difference or if your lucky all the radio frequency will be gone. It worked for me. Good Luck.
ARRGGHH! I know what you are going through. I had a radio transmission tower nearby (within a couple of miles) and had the same problem. When I switched from my forte full function preamp to a benz PP1 phono pre unit the Benz unit was sufficiently shielded that the fm was inaudible... then I moved to another location and never had the problem again. You may have to move to get rid of it or build a box out of mu-metal around your preamp!(very expensive)
I had similar issues and had to move the TT and phonostage to the floor in order to get rid of the station. Cheater plugs did not work for me.

What phonostage are you using? Tube or solid state. Sometimes RFI can get into the system via tubes as well.
I had this problem and corrected it by switching from an unshielded to a shielded table/preamp interconnect.
I live in the UK and for some reason, picked up French radio staions, probably a Gallic plot. I tried aluminium foil, ferrite beads, moving the stage, different interconnects. The solution, a different phono stage. In fact I changed from SS to tubes(hybrid) and got rid of the problem. The answer was a K&K phono stage.