I jumped

DCM time windows gone, Audio Research SP-9 mk III gone, Emerald Physics CS3's gone, Marantz model 18 gone, Marantz 1070 gone, Klipsch KG4 and 5.5 gone, magnepan MG II's gone, Medley SP-3 gone, NAD 3020 gone, Adcom 555 gone, Zu Omen's gone, Thornes TD 125 mk II (backup ) gone, one climate controlled storage facility no longer needed, one happy wife, ...... ONE PAIR OF SPATIAL M-5's COMMING MY WAY ! ONE HAPPY ME.
@jazzman463 - That's awesome! Did you get to hear the M-5's before purchasing them. What will you be using to power them and what will be you source components? Lastly, how did you get rid of all the old stuff so fast?

Good Luck and Happy Listening.......

Hi Reubent,

Thanks. No did not hear, but LOVE the Emerald Physics CS 3's that Clayton did design. I am using a Manley Stingray i pod to power. A Thorens TD 125 MK II/SME 3009 non detach/Grado Gold II through a Lounge Audio Phono. For CD play I use an Emotiva . Bluegean speaker cables, Morrow Audio interconnects and power. My room is only 12 X13 . Because of a move to smaller home I have been selling for several months. I was going to go with the Spatial M-4's but the new  speaker design got me. I did keep a set of Spica TC 50's and a Marantz 1060 for back up. The closer I got to my goal the cheaper the stuff got. I did make several guys very happy.

Congrats. Saw your post on the spatial forum. I have the x-3s on order (shakeydeal). 


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yeh, hmen pushed me with all his posting. When you going to jump ? If they sound better then the EP CS'3 then nothing to worry about for me. I loved that speaker but hated all the "other "crap assorted with it, and It could not mate with the Manley.
tweak, I'm guessing jazzman is referring the need to run a separate DSP crossover and subwoofer to support the CS3. The X series essentially has those items "built in".

The external cross over and the fact that I could not use the Manley with them. Do not misunderstand me , with separates they sounded fabulous. At my age I am now looking to simplify  my system. No extra interconnects, cables,plugs ect... The CS 3's were one of the most dynamic sounding speaker I ever herd. They put the music  in the room. The EP's made me realize all the music I had been missing over the years. If the Spatials sound as good or better I am a happy camper.

Yes, the CS 3's needed the dsp and  that thing has four cables coming out ,two going in and a plug. The Manley vol. control was after the tape out so was not an easy match for it. I had to change the setting in the DSP. The KCII's solved the problem. In the old days the more equipment the better. Loved all the led flashing. I still remember the SAE 2400 L pumping to the beat. Ahhhh the good old days.
Im old school when it comes to DSP, even though it has a place. Two  of my friends are DSP fans, but they would need to come here and set it up
They had a used pair of the Emerald Physics with external crossover box at a used gear shop in Manheim Pa recently that were going for a steal price for the sound I heard and was tempted but yeah I am down with smaller and simpler these days, so I passed, somewhat regrettably.

I heard Spatials at Cap Audiofest last year and got to talk to the designer. Was very impressed.....one of the best of show at relatively affordable price for me.

Several years back, at CAF, the DIY’ers were demoing a pair of compact open baffle speakers they built for a pittance in parts and made some of the mega-buck systems there seem pretty lame.
They certainly look the part
What will you be driving them with?

this looks interesting https://avm.audio/masterpieces/all-in-one/compact/c-5-2/
Think of the money saved in cabling, and iso devices

The site says 2 x 330 watts to drive two pairs of speakers? Either they can’t do math, or this is a Chinese website developer?