I just moved and insurance

This is my first time trying to get some advice.

i just moved to a new house and a new state. I have to get new car and house insurance and it makes me think about my equipment. Do you have insurance for your systems? what and how did you do it?

My system is probably worth $20,000 new but it is not new …




My system $100K+ is covered under my homeowners policy. My friend and audio buddy is my insurance agent. I also have a sloo of cameras. I have asked, he says no special rider needed. I use State Farm. Just get out your iPhone and film the stuff you own, so if anything happens you have a something to help you remember what you own.

agree with ghdprentice

I called my insurance company and even though I have a high value policy for my watches - they stated my stereo equipment is covered so I have receipts scanned on google and pictures for details on brand, model and SN so they can be replaced at replacement value.

It can be helpful to go through every room in your house taking photos. Then save a CD with them in case you need to make an insurance claim. Open drawers and cabinets to show contents and take as many shots as needed to show everything you own.

yes, a proper homeowners policy would have you covered

just make sure the limits in the policy are consistent with the value of the gear

good luck 

Read your policy carefully.  Insurance companies do not want to cover anything if it can get away with it.  so read the fine print.  If it does not say it is covered, or more specifically says it is not covered without some "rider policy" then you definitely need that rider policy.

In any case, take photos of each and every room, your clothes also, everything.  Working in Emergency Operations for awhile, I've found that people don't remember the details when trying to file a claim.  Too much stress at the time.

Keep receipts, and photos of everything.  Your music collection, books, clothes, appliances, furniture, audio equipment, watches, collectibles, everything. You need proof that you actually had that in your home and it makes it easier on you when disaster happens so that you don't have to try to remember each and every little thing. Because when they cut you a check and you cash it.  That is it.  It is way harder after cashing the check to re start the conversation.

Read your policy carefully first.


As others have stated,, Stereo equipment is covered under your Homeowners policy with no special endorsement. To make sure read the sections of your policy entitled "special limits on covered property". This is where you will find limits on jewelry, firearms, etc. Stereo equipment will usually not be listed here.

Just be aware that most policies will insure "replacement" value, not new value. Basically saying it will pay you for used market value

@elrod Sorry, wrong. Most policies have a full replacement cost endorsement for personal property. Most agents will add it routinely. Just ask to make sure you have it.

As far as payment, most company’s will pay the actual cash value (used price) first. Once the item is actually replaced with a new replacement, the difference will be paid. This is the general procedure, but can vary from state to state. Bottom line, if you have the replacement cost endorsement, you get paid full replacement cost as long as you actually replace the item. If the item is no longer available, you can replace it with something of equal functionality. 

Do you get your audio advice from an insurance forum?  Home/Property insurance is regulated at the State level, therefore, seek out the advice from a licensed agent in your home state. 

Testpilot, true. My comments above are based on 35 years in the insurance industry. I mentioned checking with your agent in the first paragraph.